Sunday, July 20, 2014

One Trip, Lots of FUN!

Today, Mr. and I headed to Lansing for Mega Mall's outdoor flea market. It was HUGE! So many vendors, so much variety-I LOVED it! After walking through, and finding a couple of treasures, I made a quick trip through the store. If it wasn't so far away, I'd LOVE to have a booth at one of their flea markets. The atmosphere is so much fun!

After Mega Mall, we went to Menard's and returned some leftovers from our front porch project, and to use the rebate that we got in the mail for some mulch for the flower beds. We got 4 plants and 30 bags of mulch-for FREE! Our rebate from the porch stuff completely covered it. We still have a couple more rebates to use, but nothing to buy right now, so that means another trip sometime in our near future. I wish Menard's would come to our area...or maybe I don't-I might be there all the time!

Our next stop was The Little Red Schoolhouse for me, and Harbor Freight for Mr. As soon as I walked in the front door, I saw a cute little display that was about a foot off the floor in front of the check-out desk, and on that display, I found a vintage turquoise Fiesta bulb candle holder!!

I scoured the rest of the mall, hoping for a second, but no luck! One of the workers helped me look and she even called the dealer, but there was only one...bummer!! It was fun to look, it's one of my favorite stores. Did you know they also do flea markets? Theirs was last Sunday. The worker told me that their entire parking lot is full of vendors on flea market days. I'm going to have to add their flea market schedule to my calendar!

After we got home, we planted the plants, spread the mulch, took a quick dip in the pool to cool off, and I finished soaking and hanging some linens. We got a lot accomplished today, and even had a few minutes to relax. This was a GREAT weekend!!!

Here is what I saw and found today...

 Mega Mall Flea Market-so much fun!!!

 Little Red Schoolhouse-if you look closely, you can see their flea market schedule in their window.

 I have a bunch of maps that I can't wait to mod podge on to something...this desk looks awesome!!

 This booth is having a 60% off sale! I took this pic for a friend who is always on the lookout for buttons.

 These are my treasures for the day, Fiesta, Pyrex and a vintage tablecloth!! Definitely a small addiction going on here!

The very last of the linens that needed to be soaked...until I find that bag that the boys did something with.

We tried to have a little bonfire last night, but the mosquitoes were too bad, so we quickly made a couple of s'mores and raced inside. My next task is to find an organic, non-toxic mosquito repellent. Do you have any suggestions??

Hope you had a great weekend too!!

Friday, July 18, 2014

Latest Finds and a Great Day for a Soak!

Here are some more pictures of my latest finds...
 The wooden chair is from the vintage sale yesterday, and the jewelry is from a new store in our area called Charming Charlie. The butterprint 401 completes my set and the friendship dish competes that set as well.

These were from yesterday's vintage sale too-they had a whole box, but I only grabbed 2...maybe I should have grabbed more...

 Look at this sky!!! Perfect day for soaking some linens!!

Can't wait to see them without the stains!

After my dentist appointment this morning, I stopped at Costco. I saw this bag, and decided I had to try it, and boy, am I GLAD I did!!! YUMMMMMMM!!

If you like salty and sweet, you have to try this!!! I bought two bags and I'm hiding one between my bed and nightstand-otherwise my guys would eat it all so quickly, I'd never get any more.

Thursday, July 17, 2014

Bonus Day Off!!!

Things at work are pretty slow right now. something that very rarely happens, and I had everything that needed to be done for the week, done yesterday, so I asked my boss if I could take today off. She said go for it! It turned out to be really gorgeous outside, and I had an absolutely wonderful day!!

It started off with a few sales in the morning, a lunch date with Mr., some yard work, and some organizing of treasures. My shelves are overloaded with vintage Pyrex!! My youngest son said they might collapse, but Mr. says he made them extra sturdy to hold a lot of weight. I'm very lucky that he is so talented, and can make me such nice things out of wood!

The first sale I went to this morning was less than a mile from my house. They had a sign out that said "SUPER VINTAGE SALE". I was anxious to see what treasures they had! I wasn't disappointed-they had a LOT of great things. I enjoyed looking at it all, and even bought a few things. I went to 6 more sales after that one, and I didn't buy a single thing. I enjoyed looking at the things they had for sale and saw quite a few very interesting pieces, but things were either priced too high for my cheapness, or they were things that I liked but could live without.

I sent out a few text messages to people who've had me looking for things for them. They took a really long time to respond, so I ended up leaving the sales. You can only walk around so many times before (I think) people get suspicious-especially if you aren't buying anything!

As things like that go, I got about 10 miles away and got the response text of "YES!! GET IT!!" I had to say sorry, I'm too far away now. I gave them the address, so hopefully they were able to get over to the sale and hopefully the thing they wanted was still there!

I used to buy things as soon as I saw them, when people asked me to look, but now I make sure I get a confirmation before I pay. I've been stuck too many times with things that people decided they didn't want after all, or they just bought one and forgot to tell me to stop looking...or other times when I've bought something they've asked me to find, I've given them the items, and they don't have the money right then and there, but will get it to me-which doesn't always happen.

This is what came home with me today...

 A small old oak child's chair and an ivory beaded purse jumped in my car too, but they didn't make it into the photos. :)

These pics are of my cramming organizing efforts...

Tuesday, July 15, 2014

A quick trip to Treasuremart

I had an appointment today in Ann Arbor so on my way home, I stopped for a quick visit at Treasuremart. It was packed!! There was a long line out the door of Zingerman's (about a block away), and every parking space in the area was taken...until I found an amazing public parking lot that I've never even seen before!!

Just as I was parking, it started pouring like crazy, so I sat in the car until it let up, then walked the block and a half to Treasuremart. It was hard to move around in there. It was FULL of treasures and loaded with shoppers. I found a lot of fun things to look at, but nothing I couldn't live without. They had two full sets of Early American cinderella bowls, and a 441 yellow and black pyrex cinderella bowl.

They also had tons of vintage rolling pins, and a couch full of vintage typewriters. I saw a quilt in the basement that was really sweet, but it had too many loose stitches and too many threadbare spots to be able to come home with me. I would have expected a Tuesday afternoon at 3:30 to be a quite day/time to visit, but for some reason it wasn't.

I also stopped at Costco once I got closer to home, and it was like a Saturday morning! What's up with that? Is it a national skip work day? Is everyone but me on vacation? I still don't get it.

Oh well, to make a long story short...if you haven't been to Treasuremart in a while, you should stop in. They are loaded with treasures to look at and shop for

Monday, July 14, 2014

Legs Inn...don't miss it!!

While we were up north (that's what we Michiganders call pretty much anything north of Bay City) at my parents (which we call waaaaayyy up north because they live in the U.P.) they took us out to dinner at a really unusual, fun place in Cross Village called Legs Inn. It is near Petoskey, and about an hour drive from my parent's house.

I don't know about you, but a lot of times, when I am going someplace new, I get an idea in my head of what the place is going to look or be like. Well, this place was no where near what I had imagined. It is very unique and very interesting. Lots to look at as you are entering and walking through to your table.

If the weather is nice, make sure you ask for patio/outdoor seating! The view and atmosphere is amazing!! I've never had another dining experience like this-ever! We were seated outside in a marvelous garden, on a bluff right on the water of Lake Michigan,so we got to watch a freighter go by as we ate!

Their specialties are authentic Polish food, but there were quite a few American choices on the menu. I ordered a pierogi sampler (4 pierogi's two were cheese, one was meat and one had cabbage and cheese in it) and two potato pancakes-YUM!!!

If you'd like to find out more about this restaurant, click here to go to their website and check it out! If you are ever in the area, make sure you make time to stop-you won't regret it! Note that they don't open until noon,and they don't accept call ahead seating or reservations. My parents told me the last time they went, before our trip there, they arrived right at noon and had an hour and a half wait!

As you can see, the food was awesome! I scarfed half of it down before I remembered to take a picture!!

Part of the charm is driving through the tunnel of trees! It's a narrow, winding road that leads from Petoskey to Cross Village. At some points, it was actually kind of scary. My dad has a HUGE truck, and the road was so narrow, and the trees were so close to the road that either we had to stop or the oncoming car had to stop so one of the cars could squeeze through. Very pretty drive though.

More Summertime Fun!

We've been home from vacation for about a week and a half, and in that time, we have had something going on every night of the week, we put a new front porch/deck on and sold some junk treasures at a local flea market! It has been crazy busy around here!!

The front porch is really nice. It is composite decking so we'll never need to stain it again, and probably never have to replace it again. I keep waiting for the letter to come again from the township telling us they want our property again! I'm not worrying, because you can't change it by worrying, but it is always in the back of my mind...wondering how long it will be before they try again.

The flea market (my first ever as a seller) went really well! I had my youngest son's mini van and my vehicle loaded up on Friday night-packed front to back, floor to ceiling, and we loaded up Mr's car Saturday morning. Once we got to the school's parking lot (at 6:30 am) where the flea market was, the young one went home (3 miles away!!) for another van full!

It was pretty awesome being only 3 miles from home. I'm glad I picked this sale as my first flea market to sell at. It was really low-key, low investment financially and low time commitment. In year's past, there have been some really good vintage/junk/antique dealers at this flea market. This year, I think I was the only one with that type of stuff.

I lost track of how many people came up to me and told me how much they liked my booth! They said over and over how mine was the best one there, it had tons of fun stuff to look at, and they liked how I set it up. I made pretty decent money too, and we returned home with one less van load than we took!! It was a win-win kind of day!

After we got everything home and stored in the barn, I went online and treated the fam to steak dinners from Applebees. I don't know if they were really as good as they tasted, or if we all were just starved from all of the hard work, or if we were just happy to not have to cook or clean up, but we really enjoyed our dinner that night!

I always enjoy people watching and Saturday was no exception. I got to chat with a lot of people from our church, and I met a few new people. There were lots of friendly people, and a few that were pretty difficult, but all in all, it was a fun day. The weather couldn't have been any better, and set up and tear down went better than I imagined. markets on a regular basis have totally left the building! I just want to finish selling off the rest of my booth inventory, and enjoy going to sales for the fun of it again.

I haven't been to very many sales this summer, so far. I took my lunch break early last Thursday (10:00 am-I love junkin lunches!) to go to a sale downtown. As I was leaving, my boss was coming in, and she decided she better go too! She found more than I did! The sale was only a block and a half from her house, so we dropped off her treasures at her house, before stopping at one more sale then heading back to work.

After work, I picked up the youngest at home and he and I went to a few more sales. I found three pieces of  vintage Pyrex at two different sales. It's been a looooonnnnnngggg time since I've found vintage Pyrex in the wild. One sale had two butterprint cinderella bowls. The smaller of the two was pretty dishwasher damaged and the larger one was in excellent condition. They were for sale as a set for $4. I sold the DWD bowl at the flea market for the price that I paid for both-so the bowl I kept was actually FREE!!

 This pattern is fron 1962. It's not my style, but for the price, I couldn't pass it up-it's in really good condition, so I'm hoping I can find another Pyrex-aholic to swap with me for something I'd rather have!

 I picked up the license plates for fifty cents each. They will go with the other 30 or so that I picked up in the U.P. while we were on vacation. I haven't had time to find a project to use them for, but one of these days I will!

 These look like a Pyrex go-along for the Butterprint set!

 I've never seen a Mason jar this size/color before.

 These were from a little old lady's house that is just down the street from my work.I see her outside all the time sweeping her driveway and meticulously working in her yard. I finally got to meet her, and I couldn't pass up these candle holders, because she inspires me.

 These are two things I am very excited about! They are the side leaves to an enamel table. They are the parts that slide in and out to make the table bigger or smaller. I am planning to use them as shelves on the wall! I think they would be awesome with some red brackets to match the red trim that goes around the edge!

I also bought a bunch of knitting needles at a sale. I plan to use them with all of the old faucet handles that I got in Douglas at the antique mall, and make them into a bouquet in a vase. I love to repurpose!

On Friday, I didn't go to any sales. I stayed home in the morning, only running out to get change for the big sale on Saturday and to go to lunch with Auntie! We hadn't seen each other for 6 or 7 weeks! I don't think we've ever not seen each other for that long since we met! She had some great stories about her travels,and she even brought me a gift from Australia! I LOVE it!!! That was really sweet and awesome of her to think of me, and bring something all the way back from down under-especially when luggage space was at a premium! THANK YOU AUNTIE!!!

This was my space at the flea market-the giant tan tent,straight ahead and the parking spot to the left of the tent.

See how close my neighbors tables (behind my Pyrex and glassware) were to mine? People kept assuming their tables were mine and asking me how much things were. They didn't have a single thing marked, so people were asking a LOT!  I was watching and listening and was impressed that the price they quoted one person was the same price they quoted everyone that inquired about the same items. Most cases, that I've found, that isn't the case.

So, with what's left...the big question is-save it in the bins until next summer's flea market at the high school? Have another garage sale at the end of September at my house? List it on Craigslist and unload it all as cheaply and quickly as possible? What would you do??