Friday, March 27, 2015

Catching Up...Today's Adventure...

I just couldn't share my finds from today's adventure at the end of the last post about the horrible accident that I just barely missed, it just didn't seem right. So I'll share my adventure in this post.

This is what I saw as I was pulling out of my garage...when I got up, it was just a few little flakes floating and dancing around in the air. Less than an hour later, it was this.

My first stop was at Around the Farm Antiques in Birch Run. I've been to this shop many times. It's a fun little shop to wander through. It was freezing in there today. The cashier had her winter coat on while she was ringing people up.

 I fell in love with this tiny buffet! 

Handmade banners, others said WELCOME.

 LOVED this wall of license plates!! Half were out of state, and half were Michigan, displayed by year. 
Not my color, but a great price!! Hopefully some of my Michigan Fiesta-collecting blog friends will see this  be able to get over there to get it!

Cute little display throughout.

Just two tenths of a mile north is a cute little shop that I've never stopped at before. It's called Bloomin' Treasures. I'm wondering what treasures I've missed over the years! Cute little shop, with lots of fun things to look at. 

 Why does my heart leap whenever I happen upon an old pie safe?? Maybe when the boys are both out of the house, I can fill up the basement with these filled with old quilts. tablecloths and Pyrex!

The Queen lives here! The next time I visit, I hope Auntie can come with me, she would like to see the Queen!

Less than a block away was the next stop. Another shop that I've never been to before. Their sign said they had over 300 cookie jars. They sure did! It was fun looking at them all! They had a nice variety of things to look at other than cookie jars. I got a big kick out of the two ladies behind the counter. They were scratching lottery tickets like crazy! Every once in a while, I'd hear, "Oh, I just won another dollar!" 


I couldn't find a price tag on this. Any ideas as to what it is? It has metal hinges on the inside that look to lock in place to keep it open. It is all plastic-other than the hinges. I thought maybe a sewing box, but there wasn't any trays-just a big empty box. 

The next stop was The Village Antique Mall in Millington-the main destination of the trip. Other than a couple of workers and a couple of dealers restocking I was the only other person in the whole shop. It has changed a lot since my last visit. I found a badly DWD red Pyrex 402 for $2, so I bought it-just to try BKF on it and to see if I could bring some life back to it. 

I didn't work on it very hard, I couldn't find my magic erasers, and not one of my guys has a clue where they might be. I'm thinking they used them...or maybe it was "I don't know" who used them. "I don't know seems to have been busy in our house the past few weeks. My friend at work told me that when my boys move out, "I don't know" moves out with them-ha!

After BKF and a little squirt of citrushine. Great for finishing off my set for $2. 

The ladies at check-out told me there were two other shops within the block that I should visit. I've never visited them before. One of them was closed the last time I was there, and the other said, Antiques and Gifts, so I just assumed it would be full of gifty type things with a token antique tossed in here and there. Boy-was-I-WRONG! I'm sad to think of all the fun treasures I missed by not stopping in before now!

This shop is definitely on my list for return visits!! So much to see! Great displays and great prices!

This place was small-just one room, but it was packed!! 

Between this shop and the Village there was a little Variety Store. I LOVE those kind of stores! Reminds me of my high school days working at a local five and dime store. I went in for a quick wander through the aisles, and was pleasantly surprised to see these...

We use a LOT of plastic tablecloths at the church that I work at, and I'm always looking for places to get them for cheap! Our local stores sell the skirting for $6.79...I think I'm making a trip to Millington when I need tablecloths and skirts for a big event again!

I had planned to stop at Mike's Antiques, but somehow, I drove past without realizing it. I ended up at McDonalds in Otisville, and ended up losing the grilled chicken out of the bottom of my wrap. The lettuce was fresh though. 

I kept on going, and ended up at Collette's. It's always a treat to wander through all the booths there. Every time I go there are different booths, and displays. I almost always find things that end up coming home with me. 

Here are my finds for the day...

The first two things came from the Antiques and Gifts shop. 

 I LOVE spoon jewelry!! This one is for a friend who has asked me to find one for her--after she saw the one I got at Davisburg last spring. I have my calendar cleared for the Davisburg antiques market-I can't wait to go again in May!!

 This summer I plan to make a giant, wooden shape of Michigan covered in vintage Michigan license plates. I picked up a few at Around the Farm to add to the collage.

 This little beauty was from the Antiques and Gifts shop-see what I mean about all the goodies I've missed out on because I judged a shop by it's sign!?!? Pretty sure the lid doesn't go with fits kind of.

 Pretty stained, but pretty cheap. Another bargain treasure from Collette's. 

The red 402, the hanky and the butterprint are from The Village. I only need the 441 butterprint and that set is complete!

See the dish on the bottom? I got a smokin' hot deal on it. The cashier couldn't believe her eyes! I couldn't believe my eyes when I first found it. It was pretty  much a garage sale price-in an antique mall!! I'm sure I could sell it for at least three to four times what I paid for it...if I were going to sell it. I will, sell it...some day. For now, it will live a happy life in my Vintage Kitchenware Foster Care System. The tablecloth is from Around the Farm.

I had planned to stop at Fratz on the way home, but decided to skip it. The northbound expressway was still closed three hours later when I was driving home on the southbound side. There was a 2-lane, bumper to bumper back-up that went for 4 solid miles. 

I stopped at Target in Fenton to see if they had the 100th Anniversary bowls and measuring cups. My local Target didn't have them. When I asked the manager, at my store, he didn't have a clue as to what I was talking about. I had to spell Pyrex three times for him to punch it into the computer to look up. I had already gotten my online order of bowls but I skipped the white one, and I was wishing I would have gotten one. I was thrilled to see them sitting on the shelves, and even more happy when I saw the sign that said they were 15% off!!

I got a couple measuring cups too. The ones I use every day are from my wedding almost 27 years ago, and they are in really rough shape. Chips and scratched up pretty bad. It will be nice to be able to read the lines again when I'm measuring!

I'm looking forward to the Williamston Antiques Spring Open House tomorrow! Auntie and I are going. It's tradition! I don't even care if I don't find anything-it's just a fun adventure that we've been going to for too many years to count. Any of my Michigan friends going?? Maybe I'll see you there!!

Oh, I almost forgot...I keep getting emails asking for a picture of my new rings...yes, I know they are on my finger backward-it was the best way to get a good shot. 

I LOVE them! I catch myself looking at them all the time! I'm a very spoiled girl!

A Day I'm Not Likely to Forget...

It felt really good to sleep in this morning! I know I always mention how busy we are, I've been working on changing that! I've been trying to cut back and cut things out. So far, it's been working. We've had a little bit more free time here and there, and it's been really nice. Within about a month all of our volleyball leagues will be over for the summer, so that will free up 4 evenings a week. It may seem like a lot, and it is a lot, but it is also excersize. It keeps us from sitting on the couch night after night, and keeps us moving. So in a way, it is kind of a good thing.

This morning after getting up late and moving really slowly, I decided I wanted to take a trip to Millington. I've seen on a Michigan Pyrex Collector's facebook page pictures from a shop there that is loaded with Pyrex, and I've been wanting to go. Today seemed like the perfect day. Until I got out of the shower and saw that the pretty little snow flurries that were dancing around my house had turned into a spring snowstorm and it was starting to stick on the grass.

As I was putting on my shoes, my youngest was in the living room watching tv and I stopped to talk with him for a few minutes. I was also trying to decide if I really wanted to go out in the cold and snow, and possibly have bad roads to deal with. The shops I wanted to go to were a little over an hour north, and I didn't know if the snow was just in my area or if it was all the way up too.

Eventually, I decided to go for it, and about 3 miles from my house, the roads were clear, and it wasn't even snowing! Feeling like I made the right decision, I pressed on. Once I got near Fenton, it started snowing again, and sometimes visibility got really low, then it would open up and be clear and dry. This on again, off again snow vs sun and clear went on for quite a while. Traffic was pretty decent, maybe even more than I've seen before on a Friday at late morning, early afternoon.

Everyone was going along at a good clip, speed limit and up I would say. Then out of nowhere, about 3 cars ahead of me, I see and hear a loud crash and two cars spin off! I was in the middle lane and it seemed like the one in my lane spun backwards toward the cement wall. It hit the wall and slid into the left lane with debris flying everywhere! The other car spun over toward the right wall and the moving traffic was swerving, slamming on brakes and trying to avoid the careening cars, as well as cars coming behind us.

It was very scary!! The worst accident I've ever seen. I managed to get my car through the huge debris field and avoided getting hit by a couple of semi trucks and other cars weaving through, just like I was. One minute we were all going 70+, the next, we were trying to dodge everything!! The stream of cars was moving so fast that I couldn't stop to see if I could help, so as soon as I was clear, I tried calling 911, but after 12 rings and no answer, I hung up-thinking that other people must have been calling as well. Then I saw a police car flying onto the southbound xpressway about a mile past the accident, and I knew help was for sure on the way.

I started praying for the drivers, the police and ambulance drivers, the families of the drivers, and any cars coming up the expressway unaware of what was waiting ahead. My heart is still racing just typing this! I can still hear the crash when I close my eyes! I am thanking God, that I took a couple of extra minutes to talk to my son this morning-because it could have been me! I've been thinking all day about how you really never know when your life will drastically change or even end-it could be life as normal-and then in a blink of an eye, everything changes!

I went on to go to all the shops on my list, but with a heavy heart, praying as I went. On the way home, I stopped at a Target not too far south of the accident to see if they had the 100th Anniversary Pyrex bowls and measuring cups and the cashier warned the lady in front of me to avoid 23/75 north because it was closed due to an accident. Three hours later, the expressway was still closed and traffic was backed up-2 lanes, solid bumper to bumper for 4 miles.

I mentioned how close I was to it, and the cashier said it was being reported as a case of a wrong-way driver and that there was one person in critical condition, and they weren't doing well. I couldn't even imagine how scary that was to see a car coming at you when you are driving 70 mph! She said she heard that people were calling 911 to report the wrong way driver right before the crash, so that is probably why no one answered when I called.

Online news reports are saying that there are two people who are critically injured from this crash. I will keep praying, and hoping for their recovery. So, if you're a praying person, please pray for those injured drivers and their families-their lives changed today in an instant.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Time Well Spent

Yesterday and today were really fun days-definitely time well spent!! Speaking of time well spent...that's where I went on Friday! Thyme Well Spent in Hartland. A very charming tea room that serves on vintage and antique dishes. I went with a group of eleven ladies from my work for a late lunch/girl's day out.

The main floor is set up in three separate dining areas. Each table is set with a linen tablecloth and linen napkins, real silver, vintage silverware, and vintage/antique stemware for water glasses. It looks very inviting when you first walk in.


The tea menu is HUGE!! Every kind of tea you can imagine is on their menu. I ordered a pot of vanilla pear, and it was delicious!! Very mild, and very good! Everyone at my table (there were 4 of us) got a different flavor for their pot. I wish we would have thought to share and try a little of each!! The food menu is drastically smaller than the tea menu, but the food is very well done and delicious! I ordered the chicken salad.

Everyone's first course comes on a red glass plate. It's a tiny loaf of pumpkin bread with a pretty little dollop of butter and a little bit of fruit. It is served with your own little white teapot that sits on a base with a tea light candle to keep the tea warm while you are eating. The second course is either soup or salad. I ordered the salad. It had cranberries and walnuts with a vinaigrette dressing.

I forgot to take a picture of the chicken salad. It was wonderful!! Little pieces of granny Smith apples, with a few pecans, a couple chunks of pineapple and a strawberry cut in half. Very fresh and not loaded down with a ton of mayo-just perfect!!

The whole upstairs is filled with vintage and antique glassware, clothes, hats, jewelry and linens. What a fun place!! I blogged about this place three years ago when my boss took me there for my birthday, and it's just as charming and fun as it was then! Since she still had St. Patrick's Day stuff on some of the tables, she offered us 50% off anything green from the antique shop upstairs.

I found a few hankies that I couldn't live without, and she gave me an extra 20% off! You know I need more hankies-right!?!

I even got a Michigan hanky!!!

 After saying good-bye to everyone, I headed for home, and on the way, I made a little pit-stop at The Bird Cage Antique Shop. I made a quick zip around, but couldn't find anything I couldn't live without. It was really crowded in there. I'm glad more and more people are finding it! It looks like a few dealers have moved out recently, I'm anxious to see what new dealers bring to the shop when they fill in the empty booths!

I made a quick stop at home and both my younger guys decided they wanted to go with me to a couple of stores, so off we went. I bought a few more things that I planned on buying, but that's the way it goes when they tag along. One of their reasons for going, besides getting mom to buy more food, was to get  my opinion on a sectional couch that my oldest wanted to buy. He had priced them out at three different shops, and settled on one and wanted my opinion.

Ultimately it is up to him how he spends his money-he's an adult. It was a nice looking couch and seemed sturdy. I asked a worker if they had it in stock, or if we got the floor model. He assured me they had more in stock. We left, because he needed to think about it for a little while and decide if he really wanted to spend the money.

After pizza and a couple of hours to ponder, he decided he needed that couch, so he and his younger brother, took my car and the youngest's mini van and went to bring it home. They were gone for quite a long time, and when they got home, my youngest was pretty shook up. It seems while they were loading the couch pieces into the vehicles, a police car started slowly circling them. Then it pulled up and the officer asked my youngest for his ID. They both were worried that he might have thought they were stealing the couch because it was taking a long time to get it into the vehicles.

It was actually a case of mistaken identity. The police were looking for a scrawny guy dressed all in black with a scraggly beard. My youngest is 6'5" and could never be described as "scrawny". He has been growing his beard out for several months-much to my dislike. I don't mind a thin, stubbly beard on him, but when it gets long, it is really curly and makes him look much older than his 20 years. I guess his brush with mistaken identity kind of scared him, because once they got the couch in the basement, he went right into the bathroom and let me (since I've been begging him for months to shave it, and threatening to sneak in his room at night to shave it) shave it off.

 Older brothers are great for photo bombing!

 My hands were shaking, I was so excited to shave this off his handsome face!!

 I couldn't believe how light, fluffy and soft it was!

During all the laughs and beard shaving last night, I got a text from my junkin buddy Auntie from Kitschy Vintage, asking if I got her email. She was asking if I'd be interested in going with her to the giant garage sale/flea market at the Monroe County Fairgrounds (today). When I saw free parking and free admission, I was ready to go!!

It was housed in two buildings and was well worth the drive! We only brought one giant shopping bag each and really should have had more, but it was hard to plan because we'd never been to this sale before. Next year, we will be better prepared! We probably could have used a granny cart because we had to stop a couple of times on the way to the car to shift and adjust our bags to make them more comfortable to carry. Auntie even bought a second bag at one of the booths to help distribute the load.

There was LOTS of vintage, and lots of great prices! I picked up a little vintage, turquoise, plastic creamer for Auntie to sell in her Etsy shop for a dime! Some dealers had really high prices and wouldn't negotiate, but for the most part, prices were negotiable.

 So, do you see the purple plates???

 Yep! Lilac Fiesta!! Other great finds--turquoise and white diamonds mug and the best bargain-a true opal Pyrex 401 mixing bowl for $1!!

 I got an even better deal on the quilt top-it's completely hand stitched too!!

 I got two of these rusty baskets and one went to Auntie.

Love, love, love this cast iron mirror!! What a deal too!!

So this weekend has been time well spent indeed!! Hope you are having a great weekend!!