Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Staycation Adventures...

I am on vacation from work all week. I started my adventures last week at the end of the week with a quick trip to our local Salvation Army, a tiny antique shop called Mart's Treasures, and a little consignment shop called the Seagull's Nest. I didn't end up buying anything at any of those places, but it was nice to get out-especially since we had a guy in the house working on our bathroom drywall.

I always find it awkward to have someone in the house working on something. I feel like I need to be friendly  and talk to them, but if I talk to them, they can't work, and I'm sure they'd like to get the job done and be gone as quickly as possible-but if I don't talk to them, I feel like I'm being rude. So, for me, it's easier if I just leave and let Mr. BHTS deal with it.

On Saturday, I spent a few hours with some volunteers at our church making fresh fruit salad for our big Easter Breakfast. Sunday was the actual breakfast and then dinner for my family. Yesterday, my only adventure was to go to the store to pick up a birthday cake and ice cream to take to my youngest at work (I took it to him when I went there for my volleyball game). It was his 20th birthday. No more teenagers in our house! I think I felt older when he turned 10 than I do now that he is 20.

Today, I went to the Swan Creek Candle Outlet in Dundee, Blissfield Antiques in Blissfield, The Gallery Antiques in Tecumseh, The Hitching Post Antiques in Tecumseh, an antique store in Manchester that was closed, The Chelsea Antique Mall, and Treasuremart in Ann Arbor.

 Great view at the rear entrance to Swan Creek Candle.

 The basement and upper floor is rented out as antique mall space. The main floor is the candle store. 

Blissfield Antiques...a lot of changes since I was there last. Looks like new dealers, and new displays. It was a very pleasant surprise. In years past you could go years and see the same things in the same places. I was sad to see that the cafe between the two malls is closed. I loved to eat there because they served their food on Fiesta.

 The Gallery in Tecumseh-soon to move across the street to a bigger store. 

Hitching Post, Tecumseh

 Manchester Antiques-too bad they were closed!

 Chelsea Antiques Mall-small but very friendly staff.

Treasure Mart!

It was a great day to be out and about-lots of blue skies and sunshine, and it even got up 55 degrees!! I only bought things at the first stop and the last stop. I found out about The Gallery from a blog friend. They are moving across the street in the next month or so, to a bigger location-I hope to make another trip later this summer to check it out.

Tonight is more volleyball, and tomorrow is another adventure! I almost went to the Maumee Antique Mall today, but decided to wait until Auntie is able to go with me.

These are some of the fun things I saw today...

 Fork easel-I think I'm going to try to make some of these!

 What a fun suitcase! 

 This actually looked much better in person-it was a great display-it twinkled.

 WOW! $90 for the set...that's wayy too high!

 I didn't see a price tag-I wonder if someone rode it to work today?!?

 Interesting way to attach glassware to the post for repurposed vintage glassware flowers.

 So true-the time to buy is when you see it!

 Largest collection of this pattern I've ever seen!

 LOVE the little guy on the top!

 My wishlist-collapsible metal laundry basket.

 Oh, if only I had the room!!!

 Super mint condition with the mini accessories!!

Hoping to make some of these this summer!

This is what came home with me today...

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Mixing Old and New!

A while back I showed a metal tray that I picked up at Ikea because I fell in love with the color. The design was kind of blah, but it was cheap and the color was lovely. So I got to thinking that I could vintage it up with a Meyercord decal.

What do you think?

Being old and brittle, the decal cracked in a couple of spots, but that just adds to the charm!

Happy Easter!

My day started at 4:30 this morning-that's the time that my alarm went off! It was all I could do to drag myself out of bed and get in the shower. The reason I was up so early is that I was helping with the Easter Breakfast at our church and I needed to be there to get some things organized before my crew of volunteers showed up at 7:00.

Everything went really smoothly. We had more than enough volunteers, and a good number of volunteers have worked with me in the past on big meals, so they know the routine. The new ones picked it up really fast.

I think we served about 500 people breakfast this morning between 8:30 and 10:30. At the end, we ran out of fruit salad, bacon, sausage, biscuits and gravy and orange juice.We had an over abundance of oatmeal, pancakes, pastries, and yogurt. I'm already making notes for whomever runs the breakfast next year so they know where to bump it up and where to cut back.

After church I came home and got cooking for my family. We had a turkey on the grill, ham, mashed potatoes, asparagus, tossed salad, cheesy potatoes, stuffing and deviled eggs. Now, if the ibuprofen would hurry up and kick in, I'd be a happy camper! I used to be able to do big events back to back with long hours on my feet and lots of hard work. Oh the joys of getting older, I guess!

 Two giant coffee cambros filled the empty spots.

 I had planned to get a shot of the buffet lines when they were filled, but the choir came in about 20 minutes earlier than we planned. The were standing in a line waiting as we brought out the pans of food, so I couldn't get any shots without people. After that, there was constantly people in the line.

Not pictured...fresh fruit salad with dip, oatmeal, and biscuits and gravy. 

Saturday, April 19, 2014

From a distance...

Thanks to Auntie's suggestion, I have a wonderful placeholder! From a distance, it looks just like the other bowls in the set...if you don't look too closely, that is! I'm so thankful she suggested it!

The hunt continues for the rest of these Federal bowls to finish the set. The bottom bowl is a covered casserole. I have a smaller red one that isn't in the picture. They seem more available in Canada...maybe it's time for a treasure hunting trip to Canada!

Friday, April 18, 2014

To throw away, upcycle or repair...that is the question

A few days ago I posted about a package that arrived broken. I was and still am sad because it was a bowl that I've been hunting for for a very long time. I was giddy when I found out I won the online auction and was very anxiously waiting for it to arrive.

You know the rest of the story, it wasn't wrapped well, and it didn't survive shipping. The seller very quickly refunded the full amount, but I still didn't have the bowl...until, my clever junkin buddy Auntie asked me why didn't I glue it back together and use it as a placeholder until I get another one!

What a great idea! I couldn't handle throwing it away, and had been trying to come up with a creative way to use it, either as a mosaic, or yard art of some sort. I LOVED the idea of putting it together as a placeholder.

It's not the best glue job, but it is holding. There are a couple of chunks that are missing-those pieces were pulverized at the bottom of the box and there was no way to glue the glass dust into anything resembling the hole that they came from.

I think it will be fine as a placeholder--as long as nobody gets too close!

Here it is before:
Here it is after:

Not perfect, see the chunk missing out of the top rim? All the cracks are visible, but from a distance...

Thursday, April 17, 2014

It's That Time of the Year Again...

Time for spring. Time to be outside,playing Frisbee in the yard.

Time for the annual marshmallow drop next door.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend! I'll be busy with Easter breakfast on Sunday at church-planning for to come! :)