Saturday, April 19, 2014

From a distance...

Thanks to Auntie's suggestion, I have a wonderful placeholder! From a distance, it looks just like the other bowls in the set...if you don't look too closely, that is! I'm so thankful she suggested it!

The hunt continues for the rest of these Federal bowls to finish the set. The bottom bowl is a covered casserole. I have a smaller red one that isn't in the picture. They seem more available in Canada...maybe it's time for a treasure hunting trip to Canada!

Friday, April 18, 2014

To throw away, upcycle or repair...that is the question

A few days ago I posted about a package that arrived broken. I was and still am sad because it was a bowl that I've been hunting for for a very long time. I was giddy when I found out I won the online auction and was very anxiously waiting for it to arrive.

You know the rest of the story, it wasn't wrapped well, and it didn't survive shipping. The seller very quickly refunded the full amount, but I still didn't have the bowl...until, my clever junkin buddy Auntie asked me why didn't I glue it back together and use it as a placeholder until I get another one!

What a great idea! I couldn't handle throwing it away, and had been trying to come up with a creative way to use it, either as a mosaic, or yard art of some sort. I LOVED the idea of putting it together as a placeholder.

It's not the best glue job, but it is holding. There are a couple of chunks that are missing-those pieces were pulverized at the bottom of the box and there was no way to glue the glass dust into anything resembling the hole that they came from.

I think it will be fine as a placeholder--as long as nobody gets too close!

Here it is before:
Here it is after:

Not perfect, see the chunk missing out of the top rim? All the cracks are visible, but from a distance...

Thursday, April 17, 2014

It's That Time of the Year Again...

Time for spring. Time to be outside,playing Frisbee in the yard.

Time for the annual marshmallow drop next door.

Hope you have a wonderful weekend! I'll be busy with Easter breakfast on Sunday at church-planning for to come! :)

Saturday, April 12, 2014

A Saturday Adventure!

My junkin  buddy Auntie and I took off this morning for a trip to the west. Our main stop was the Lake Odessa Antique Mall. We hit a couple of estate sales on the way there, and a few other shops on the way home-she was my chauffeur, so all I had to do was sit and blab!

 Musical rotating cake plate.

 First Friendship bowl in the 400 series for me!

 Found all 3 pieces today at two different stores!

 A bunch of girl scout stuff from 1978-and a very cute letter typed by the girl, talking all about her pets.
Now, I just need one lid and the set is complete-YAY!

It was a long, fun day! I finished it off with a volleyball match, and came home to grilled burgers that my youngest made for us while we were gone. All in all, a GREAT day!

Hope you are having a great weekend too!!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

A Sound You Never Want to Hear...

I have been very anxiously waiting for a special package to be delivered. It was something that I've been searching for years for. I even spent more than I intended, just because I've never seen one in this size and color in real life-not just in someone's pictures.

I was THRILLED when I saw the box sitting on my front porch when I got home from work the other day. Not so thrilled when I picked the box up and I heard a tinkling sound...even less thrilled when I shook it a little to hear an even louder tinkling sound.

I very carefully opened the box and my heart sank! This is what I found...

Sad day! Hope I can find it again!

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Learning About Anchor Hocking

If you are a fan of vintage kitchenware, you have seen many products that were made by Anchor Hocking. One of the very first things I collected was Anchor Hocking Savannah. I bought it new in the store (not vintage) and because I loved the pattern so much, I decided to buy extra pieces to save for later, because I knew that boys, being boys, would end up breaking them. I was hoping to use one set right away and save the other set for when the boys moved out. The first set is long gone, and the second set is still in storage-LOL! Some day they will move out-right?


I did some research to see what I could learn about this company, and thought I'd share my findings with you-in case you were interested too!

Hocking Glass was founded in 1905 when Isaac Collins along with some friends, and some help from E.B.Good, bought the Lancaster Carbon Company in Lancaster, Ohio. He had been working in the design/decorating department of Ohio Flint Glass Company when this opportunity came up.

He named his company Hocking Glass Company (after the Hocking River, which ran near by). During their first year of production, they made around $20,000. The company had a great start and things were going well until 1924, when a fire destroyed the entire building. They didn't give up. They raised money and built what is now called Plant 1 on the site of the original building. Plant 1 was specifically designed to produce glassware.

Plant 2 was obtained later that year when they bought controlling rites in the Lancaster Glass Company. They also bought Standard Glass Manufacturing Company which came with 2 more plants in two different locations. Along with purchasing the plants,  they gained a larger production ability as well as skilled workers with advanced production techniques that helped them become more knowledgeable and skilled in creating glassware.

With more and more automated machinery they were able to press glass thirty times faster than when they first started out. This technology was what saved the company during the lean years of the depression. They developed a machine that was a 15 mold machine. It could produce ninety pieces of blown glass per minute, and allowed them to sell juice tumblers for "two for a nickel". The low prices are what saved them when other companies couldn't compete in the tough economic times.

In 1931, they added glass containers to the list of their production items when they purchased 50% of the General Glass Company and acquired the Turner Glass Company. In 1934, they developed the first "one way" bottle. One way means it was a throw away bottle with no deposit, no return, no refill, and was meant to be disposable, even though it was glass.

The company continued to grow through all of the acquisitions they were making and in 1937, they changed their name to Anchor Hocking Glass Company when Anchor Cap and Closure Company and its subsidiaries merged with the Hocking Glass Company. With all of their plant locations and abilities they were able to get into all kinds of glassware production from small cosmetic cases, to tableware, toiletries, housewares, as well as closure and sealing machinery.

In 1942 they introduced their Fire King line. It was made from pressed oven proof glass and it was made into kitchenware and dinnerware. They produced the Fire King line until the 1970's. It was an opaque color and something totally different from the previous lines of clear kitchenware and dinnerware. The two most popular colors were (and still are) jadeite, and a shiny iridescent peach color called peach lustre. Additional colors include milk glass and turquoise blue.

Through the fifties and sixties, they were busy purchasing existing plants, or building entirely new plants throughout the United States and even some in Canada. In 1969, they dropped the word Glass from their name because they had been branching out into plastic containers and lighting in 1970. Then they expanded into pottery, china, restaurant ware and collector plates.

During the 70's and 80's a lot of changes started happening, with plants being bought and sold.In 1983 they decided to spin off their glass container operations and it was taken over by the Newell Corporation in 1987. The Newell Corporation invested a lot of new money into the company and upgraded several facilities and sold off several of the less profitable locations.

The coffee mugs that they produced were simple in design, but were very durable. Sometimes designs were created to showcase companies like McDonald's or Esso. Mostly though, they were just a simple design that was economical, durable and long lasting.

Their mixing bowls were noted for their unusual shape called splash proof. They have a narrow base that widens to the tall top edge, in a Swedish type of design. The splash proof bowls can be found in several patterns. The most popular are the dot bowls, with a white background and either red or black dots, and the tulip bowls-white background with brightly colored tulips.

Their Jadeite line is very popular among collectors, but beware-I've seen several reproductions lately! If you are looking for the real thing-make sure you take the time to flip the item over and look for the true back stamp, because not all dealers will be up front and honest that their item is a repro. I've even found a place online where you can order cases of reproduction pieces pretty much dirt cheap to resell. I'm not sure if the company in China is affiliated with Anchor Hocking or if they have caught onto the collecting wave and are trying to cash in on it.

I only have a few pieces of Jadeite, some of which are new reproductions-that I knew about when I purchased them. I bought them in an antique store, and they weren't listed as "new", but when I flipped them over, I knew they weren't real-the made in China tag gave it away. I'm still glad to have bought them though-I love the design. I also picked up a few plates at a garage sale last summer-they are the real deal. I'd really like to find a Jadeite batter bowl and butter dish. Then I think my Jadeite wish list will be complete!

I have two Tulip splash proof bowls, and two red dot splash proof bowls I've been searching for the other two to complete each set. Maybe this summer will be the year that I complete them both! I did have a couple of pieces of the peach lustre, but it wasn't my favorite, so I sold them. I'm not a big fan of milk glass. I've heard people say that either you like it or you don't-there isn't any in between. What do you think? I know a lot of people who really like milk glass, and I know a lot who don't like it at all. I've never met someone who is neutral.

I like the Primrose pattern, but not enough to collect it. I've sold several pieces from my booth, so I know at least one person in my areas likes it too! I was excited to see that they have a mug with my name-Kimberly. Until I actually saw the mug. It is really not to my liking at all! Too bad! It would have been fun to collect something that has my name.

If you'd like to look at all of the patterns and designs that were associated with the Fire King line, I suggest checking out a couple of books from your local library. An internet search is quick and easy, but doesn't always come up with all the designs in one place like a book can. The two books I enjoyed looking through are "A Collectors Guide to Anchor Hocking's Fire King Glassware" and "An Unauthorized Guide to Fire King Glasswares". Both had great pictures and descriptions.

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Question and Answer Time...

I'm curious. I think that is one of the driving forces behind me loving treasure hunting so much. I love the hunt because you never know what you will find. I've been thinking of some questions that I'd love to find out what your answers are, so I'll start with the questions , give my answers, then wait to see what your answers are. You can post your answers in the comment section, or email them to me if you'd rather they be kept private.

1. What is the strangest thing you've ever picked up at a sale?
     A. A free box full of deer antlers at a garage sale last summer. I ended up giving most of them to my dad (he wants to make drawer and cabinet pulls from them. I also gave some to my son's friend, he turns them into pens.

2. What is the most prized thing you have picked up at a sale?
     A. My very first Fiesta relish tray-in mint condition. I almost hyper-ventilated racing to my car after I paid for it, then I giggled all the way home!

3. What is the weirdest thing you've ever seen, but not purchased at a sale?
     A. A rainbow stripe painted casket. I walked right past it the first time because there was so much painted furniture in the yard. I had to do a double-take to be sure I was actually seeing a rainbow striped casket!

4. What is the farthest you've ever driven to go to a sale?
     A. In 2008, we went on the World's Longest Yard Sale-it wasn't just one sale though. We drove down to Crossville, Tennessee and then worked our way back to Michigan. I'd like to try to go again this year.

5. How many sales to you typically go to in a day when you are out treasure hunting?
     A. I like to bundle sales to get more bang for my buck. Very rarely will I only go to just one sale in a day. I try to hit 5 or more if possible.

6. What is the most sales you've been to in one day/trip?
     A. Not counting WLYS, I've been to 18 sales in one day (not sub sales either) driving from house to house in different neighborhoods.

7. What is something you never or almost never buy at sales?
     A. Clothes. When my boys were little, I loved buying jeans for them at garage sales because it seemed like every week they were ripping through the knees of every pair of pants they owned! I'm not opposed to buying clothes at sales, I just usually can't seem to find anything.

8. What is the biggest thing you have ever bought on the spot and hauled home without coming back for it later?
     A. I once got a china cabinet and a buffet cabinet in my car, both from the same sale for $15 each!

9. What is something you regret selling?
     A. Pyrex Gooseberry refrigerator dishes-because I had to search and search to make a set once I decided I couldn't live without them, and an old metal double-decker red and white bread box with a flower decal on the front. I got it for $5, and was thrilled with how much I sold it for, but now I wish I still had it!

10. What is something you will walk past most of the time without a second glance?
     A. Tools.

11. What is the least you've ever brought home (besides nothing)?
     A. I have driven an hour and a half to go to an antiques festival and the only thing I bought was a bag of kettle corn. I had a great time though!

12. What are some projects you'd like to try?
     A. Lady bug bowling balls, broken clear dishes glued to a window. and yard art butterfly from ceiling fan blades.

13. What are you hoping to find in 2014?
     A. vintage Fiesta carafes, vintage Valentines, Victorian hat pins, red & white chenille bedspread, Federal retro daisy mixing bowls, and something I've never seen before.

14. What is your favorite thing to find?
     A. something I've never seen before.

15. Do you resell the things you buy, or do you keep them?
     A. Both.

16. What is something you've tried and tried to sell but can't seem to ever sell?
     A. A vintage green and turquoise camping lantern, I had it in the booth for over 3 years! I'm sure it didn't help that the guy across from me had about 20 of them hanging in his booth at all times. I finally did sell it-when I had my 50% off sale though.

17. What is the first thing(s) you started collecting?
     A. Clear depression glass, and clear vintage glassware.

18. What are you collecting now?
     A. Vintage Fiesta, vintage Pyrex, quilts, aprons, tablecloths, hankies and vintage kitchenware.

19. What is a collection that you've seen, that you can't believe people collect?
     A. Bones, embalming things, and taxidermy things.

20. If you knew you could never fail, what would you like to do?
     A. I'd like to open and run an antique and collectibles mall, or write a novel. I've started a few novels, but never finished them.

O.K., now it's your turn. Post your answers below in the comment section, post them on your own blog, send me an email or post them on my facebook page! I'd love to see your answers!!!

Friday, April 4, 2014

No More Booth...New Treasures

Last Sunday was my last day as a booth renter. I'm actually surprised at how "done" I am with it. I wasn't even upset when I went back to pick up my last check a couple of days ago and saw the new renter had painted it hot pink and moved in. I had zero pangs of "hey that's my booth", or "I wish I would have stayed"-nothing like that at all!

I am looking forward to the warmer weather and some exciting opportunities that I've found as an outlet to sell my junk treasures. It's all in pencil right now as I also try to figure out some life hiccups as well.

Today is a gloomy, misty, foggy day-a perfect day to just stay home, gather some thoughts, and have some down time. I've been running here and there all week and it's nice to have nothing on my agenda. After moving the giant display cases out of my booth and wrestling them into my car on Sunday, my back is appreciating the rest too!

The past couple of weeks, I've found a few things that were on my wish list, but haven't had time to share them. My parents made it back from their spring trip south, and just last night, I took a free class at a local library on Hydrangeas-I even got a free hydrangea from the free class!

Here is my old booth, all cleaned out and ready for a new adventure with someone new. The new renter painted the back upper wall hot pink and used lettering on the black part just like I did.

I finally got the last piece to this set!

All of the Fiesta collectors out there must have been sleeping to let this beauty go for just $17!

Here is my free Hydrangea from the free class at the library. I think I want to put a bunch of Hydrangeas in the front beds that my guys cleared out last year. I had no idea how many varieties or sizes there are of Hydrangeas. 

Hope you have a great weekend!

Friday, March 28, 2014

Is the Gooseberry Drought Ending??

What do you do when you've had a really bad week? I like to wander around junk stores and antique shops, so that is what I did today. It didn't make all the bad stuff go away, but it did take my mind off of it for a while-which was desperately needed.

I went to my booth for one last straightening, organizing/price reducing trip. I was shocked to walk in to it and see how empty it is! I know I've sold a lot this month-50% off is a good motivator for people to buy! I just wasn't prepared for how bare it looked.

I spent about an hour there, I shopped after I was done. I saw three ladies who were acting suspiciously-I think I walked up on one of them as she was shoving something into her bag, but I couldn't prove it. I told an employee what I saw, and stressed that I didn't see her take anything, but she was standing up against the back of a cabinet in a booth, really tight to the cabinet when I walked within 2 feet to throw some stuff in the trash. It was obvious that I startled her and her friends. I hope she wasn't taking anything-I hope it was all innocent, but you never know.

My next stop was the Maple Street Mall in Mason. The pink Butterprint casserole dishes were still there. They are pretty rare and hard to find, but for $29 & $39, and how small they are...they might be there for a while yet. I enjoyed my visit, but didn't find anything that had to come home with me.

I stopped at the Columbia Street Mall next. The same guy was working the front desk that was working it when I visited last time. He was so kind and friendly-he made me feel like we were old friends. I plan to keep both of these malls on my must visit list, and hope to visit them a few times over the summer.

The next stop was Mega Mall. I picked up my mom's Mother's Day present, and birthday present, along with a little gooseberry Pyrex casserole, a Fiesta ornament and a green handled vintage rolling pin. Most of the booths were having sales, so it was fun to hunt for treasures and have the possibility of a discount!

After Mega Mall, I went to The Little Red Schoolhouse. I found some Meyercord decals (I think I'm going to use the flower decal for the light green tray I bought at Ikea), a turquoise Pyrex mini fridgie, and a scarlet Fiesta juice tumbler. Everything was super cheap, and I was thrilled to find it all!

Sunday is my last day as a booth renter. It's kind of bitter-sweet. I'm glad I tried it 3 years ago. I had a blast doing it, but I'm glad to be done with it. Both Mega Mall and The Little Red Schoolhouse have summer flea markets that I'm considering as other options for selling stuff. I'll have to wait and see how some of the junk from this week shakes out before I can make a decision about them. I think it would be a really fun adventure selling at a flea market...well see!

I picked up a vintage yellow Fiesta casserole with lid for less than $20 this week online-it is beautiful! I guess all the other Fiesta fanatic either already have one, or they were sleeping! I can't believe I got it, and got it so cheap!! All I need now is the ivory casserole, and a red casserole lid and my set will be complete.

This is what my booth looked like when I left today:

These are my finds for today-it was a good day! I'm hoping today marks the beginning of finding Gooseberry Pyrex all over the place! I hope the Gooseberry Pyrex drought is finally over!!

I'm thinking of using the flower decal in the middle of this tray-what do you think?

Here is how the Fiesta casserole arrived the other day:

I was thrilled to find it very well protected and not a bit of damage-whew!

Friday, March 14, 2014

An Interesting Week!

This week, we had 55 degrees on Monday, a major snow storm Tuesday night (starting with rain then freezing rain) into most of Wednesday that dumped another 7+ inches on us on top of ice from the night before. Today it got back up to 50!

Yesterday after work I got a phone call from the place where my booth is. They have rented my booth and want me to leave before my 60 days notice (that they required) is up. They want the new person to move in April 1. YIKES! That meant a LOT of scrambling for me to try to line up vehicles, clear some stuff out of the booth and have a blast sale of 50% off everything I left behind.

My junkin buddy Auntie from Kitschy Vintage met me at my booth and helped me decide what to take home and what to leave. I loaded up 3 bins and the whole back end of my car! I gave her a corner cabinet, so now, hopefully everything else will sell, (other than the two items marked NFS) so that on the 30th of March, all that we'll have to load will be 3 shelving units and an oak table.

It's amazing to see how much stuff you an cram into an 8x10 booth and how much you can sell in three year's time! I think sales will be picking up for local antique malls now that the weather is being nicer. I've already sold a dozen vintage hankies this month, and that is always a sign of good sales to come in my book!

I'm anxious to go online later tonight to check my sales to see what went out of the booth after I left. There was one guy very seriously checking stuff out for a while in there! I hope he is a shopper and not just the new renter!

I still haven't unloaded my car. It is sitting filled up with junk treasures. I just can't make myself haul it all in! I should probably get it done so I don't have to drive around like the Beverly Hillbillies though!

While I had an absolute BLAST with the booth, it is time to move on to bigger and better things. The phone call yesterday kind of caught me off guard, but it was just another confirmation/answer to my prayers for what I should do. No regrets-just relief!

I've got my eye on a couple of flea markets/sales that have a great mix of items for sale this summer, and there is always the possibility of a giant sale at my house. With three acres, I could spread it out all over the yard and make my own flea market!!