Friday, December 9, 2011


This afternoon, both boys wanted to go to Kohl's-one to look for a winter coat, and the other for a pair of khakis for work. We bought "a" coat, but decided to check at Dunham's and Elderbeerman (just down the road a couple blocks distance & right next door to each other) to be sure it was "the" coat.

As we were pulling into the parking lot, I smelled a propane smell and when we got out to walk up to Dunham's the smell was really bad. We were met at the door by the manager who told us he couldn't let us in because they were "evacuating the area" because of a gas main leak and to try back in about an hour.

We got back in our car, and drove through the parking lot and had to wait at the light. As we were sitting there, Eric pipes up from the backseat, "That man is crazy-there's no such thing as an "air vacuum-he can't vacuum the air"!" I thought Adam and I were going to die laughing!! Usually it is me who makes the blonde comments in our family.

We all have had a good laugh about that one all evening! 

Mr. Air-vacuate to the rescue!

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