Wednesday, April 11, 2012

V A C A T I O N!!

I am on vacation from work this week! I stayed home and didn't travel because I have too many commitments scattered throughout the week-I was hoping to get up north to my parent's house, but it just couldn't work out. I could get used to these laid-back days!

I ran a few errands, cleaned some cupboards and then I went to the booth to straighten and fluff stuff around. I was surprised at how dead the place was! Only a couple of shoppers in the whole place!! I walked through the whole mall looking for something to spend my Christmas gift card on, but I couldn't find a single thing that I could live without!! How could that happen??

Our house is quiet this week with both boys off house-sitting. Although they have stopped at home from time to time for food. While I was gone today, a giant ziploc bag of leftover turkey came up missing-yesterday it was a bag of rolls! I keep trying to get them to take some potato salad (because I made wayyyy too much), but they keep passing.

I have a late volleyball game tonight-8:40pm-UGH! It is our last game of our regular season and next Wednesday is our playoffs. Then we are done until September-whew! It will be nice to have one more evening free during the week now! The other leagues will all be wrapping up in the next month or so, so I will have tons of free evenings-whatever will I do with myself?!? ;)

How is your week going so far??

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