Monday, May 7, 2012

Busy, Busy Sunday!!!

Yesterday was Dealer Day at the antique and collectibles mall where I have my booth. It was the fastest load-in/reorganize/clean-up/straighten job I've ever done! We didn't get there until 10:30 because of church and we were walking out the door at 11:40!

I had a bunch of broken glass under a table that I had to clean up. Someone broke a casserole dish and the lid-even though it was in a metal stand. I was surprised that the mall employees didn't vacuum it up-I would have if I worked there. Oh well, it was under the table-so no one could see it until some other stuff got moved. The vacuum was clogged and didn't work so Kevin spent a good half hour unclogging it. Probably the next time we go there, it will be clogged again!

I had my car packed floor to ceiling from behind the front seats all the way to the back lift-gate and we got it all in!! I think it is a little too full, but it all seemed to fit in with plenty of room to walk around, so it all stayed!

When we got home, we immediately got working on the stone on the lower wall of the sunroom (outside) and worked on it until we ran out of cement (thank goodness!). The good news is---the next time we work on it we only have about 1/3 of the wall to do...the bad news is---we have to work on it again! It is very time consuming with a lot of bending and stretching and the cement is really rough on your hands. Even though I wore gloves, I ripped through 2 pair and my hands are still raw.

Now we are vegging out-too tired and sore to do much else. I'll show some pictures of the rock walls once we are all done. For not having any experience or training, I think we are doing a great job-and we are saving a ton of money by not hiring someone to do it for us!

Here are some pics of the booth...

While we were working on the rocks, I got a call from the antique and collectible mall where my booth is and they told me that a woman was going to buy my set of 6 ceramic egg cups, but dropped one and refused to pay for it so they took the price I had for 6, divided it by six and subtracted the price of the one egg cup and she bought the other five.

I can't tell you how many times over the past 20+ years I've broken something (not too many), but every time I PAY for my mistake. What's up with these people who break stuff and refuse to pay?!?!? I seriously hope that every time she looks at her uneven number of egg cups, she feels a pang of remorse for not doing the right thing and paying the couple of bucks for the one she broke!

Man...that sounds mean-doesn't it?!? I'm just seems like something is getting broken or stolen every couple of weeks and that is all starting to add up. Hopefully I can make it through the rest of the month without anything walking away or getting smashed to bits!!

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