Friday, July 13, 2012

Yay, it's Friday!!

Boy, the first week back at work after a vacation is a killer!!! I put in some really long days, not really catching up on work I missed while I was gone, but on new stuff that suddenly became super important. I am soo glad the weekend is here, but as I look at my weekend plans, I am feeling like I've got too much going on in such a short amount of time. I reminded myself this afternoon that I need to seize the moment and enjoy it for what it's worth while it's here, rather than worrying about getting it all in and done.

Tuesday we had a bunch of people stop in for some sand volleyball. We usually open up our sand court to our friends from our church league every Tuesday all summer. It's been a lot of fun the past 6 or so years that we've had the court. This year though, I'm not enjoying it as much as I have in years past. I am enjoying the laughs and fellowship with friends, I'm just not enjoying the aches and pains that come with playing in the sand-this might be my last year. It's not worth it to hurt or ache for several days after only to do it again the next week! It stinks to be getting older!!!

Wednesday, we had the high school youth group from our church over. We've had them over about a half dozen times and this year was the smallest group. Only about 25 kids and 6 leaders. Everyone who came seemed to have a great time, and you can still smell the bonfire smoke in the sunroom!

Thursday, Kevin and I went to a couple of sales after I got off work. One was listed as a barn sale. It was like no other barn sale I've ever been to! It was off of a main road with a blind driveway (you couldn't see the house because of the many trees and twist and turns to the driveway. We had to drive over a rickety looking grate thing that was serving as a bridge connecting two sections of driveway. It was kind of scary-I was afraid it would collapse with the weight of the car when we went over it!

They had two tables set up outside the barn (it was a small pole barn-not a giant animal barn) with stuff for sale and the inside was mounds and piles of junk that had been there for ages. It was filthy, it was broken stuff, it was really just junk. Nothing could be salvaged, in my opinion. I tried to get in a picking mood, but everything I looked at was stuff that should have been thrown away. We went to a couple more sales after that and had a quick lunch at Burger King. Did you know Burger King has a pulled pork sandwich and sweet potato fries? The sandwich was actually good and the fries were awesome!! I was very pleasantly surprised.

In between sales, we stopped to pay for some shirts that I designed for Kevin and his co-workers. They are running in a warrior dash on July 29 and they wanted a team shirt so they could easily see each other. They chose Safety green for their color. They wanted a design that would show off their team as being trauma burn nurses. Here is what I did...

They all chose a funny name for the back of their shirts. On guy had Shazam put on the back!

Today I went blueberry picking with a couple of friends from work and one friend's daughter. It was a lot of fun! We did a lot of laughing!! The bushes were loaded with berries and it only took a little over an hour to fill our buckets. I got 20 pounds!! Between the four of us, we had almost 70 pounds!!
 My friend's car thermometer was stuck at 185 degrees! It wasn't that hot, but it was pretty sticky!

I was home before 10am, so Eric and I went to a couple of sales together. He was looking for some small cages to put his quail in once they hatch (he got 30 quail eggs while we were on vacation. We came home to an incubator on the kitchen counter), and he found two good ones.
>We stopped to visit two of our elderly cousins since we were in their neighborhood, and when we pulled in, they were just heading out to the local farmer's market. We visited for a little while and then all four of us went to the farmer's market. It was kind of neat to go since it was in the town I grew up in. We got some great produce...

We had a fun afternoon. I have a feeling there won't be very many more days that he wants to hang out with mom-so I soaked it all in!
>Here are the other things I picked up today...
This first group of things is from a local church rummage sale. It's a fundraiser sale for the youth group's mission trip.

This is from a garage sale...I dropped the lid when I turned it over and the inside paint cracked...I felt I had to buy it...

This is a giant tin, like the size you can buy popcorn in.

All of these old games came from one sale. As I was paying the lady told me I look familiar...I hear that a lot, and most of the time the really don't know me. This time, the lady did know me! I play volleyball with her daughter in our church league!

I didn't buy this, Adam did...his first pair of official scrubs for nursing school!!!
It was a great day! I had lots of fun, and enjoyed my time with friends, family and my boy! Tomorrow I'm meeting Auntie at 7:30am and we're heading to the Williamston Antiques outlet open house!! I'll be back tomorrow to tell about that adventure!
Have a great night!!!

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