Saturday, October 27, 2012

Friday Finds...

I went a little further yesterday than I've gone in a while for sales, but I was able to map out 9 different sales from the first one, toward home. It was a fun day to see different areas, and to be out and about-even if it was cold and rainy. I didn't get much, but had a fun time.

The first sale I went to was a #2 sale at the same location. It was an estate sale for a former antiques dealer/hoarder and it was the second day (or really the 5th day). The amount of stuff was overwhelming. Most sales that I've been to don't even come close to this amount of stuff-even on the first day, and they certainly wouldn't have enough stuff to have a 5th or 6th day.

Everything I saw in the pictures at was still there. It was after 11 on the second day. So what does that tell you? Yep! The prices were high. They used painter's tape as their price tags. Blue was the color from the first sale a few weeks ago, and green was the color for this weekend's sale. Blue was 50% off, green was 25% off.

I picked up a few things, and was interested in a metal doll bed in the garage, but the price was higher than I wanted to pay. The son of the estate sale company's owner asked his dad if he would go down a couple more dollars for me,and he refused-even though it was still there from the first sale!

I picked up some really cool luggage at another sale. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the stickers! I've never bought luggage with stickers before. Even though I don't have any where to put them, I'm afraid I will have a hard time getting them to the booth!

These are my finds from Friday's sales...

Didn't go to any sales today, just spending a lazy day around the house! How about you? What did you find this week?

Thanks for all of the great suggestions for our drive to Florida! We're writing them all down-making our list, and starting to get excited. So THANKS for the ideas!!!