Saturday, March 2, 2013

A Little Tiny Junk Fix...

We've been so busy doing house/moving prep stuff lately that there hasn't been any time for hunting for junk! Something I've been dearly missing! I think I'm starting to develop a twitch in my right shoulder, and my left eye won't stop blinking...kidding...but it feels like I'm going through some sort of withdrawals-that's for sure!!

On top of being really busy, there just hasn't been much out there that piques my interest. I took a chance on two sales this morning-never found the first big deal...didn't look all that great anyway. The second sale was scheduled to open in 4 minutes when we pulled up and there were cars and people EVERYWHERE! I was #33 and Kevin #34. I only saw a few things in the photos online that I was interested in, so I was thinking about leaving because, surely all the good junk would be gone by the time I got in there!

The stuff I went for was all snatched up by the time I got in, but I found some other junk that I couldn't leave behind. Kevin even got an old military, pea green wool blanket. It came in handy for him while he waited in the car while I made a quick stop at Treasuremart on the way home!

I've been to enough sales that this particular company runs, that I think the lady in charge is starting to recognize me. I don't know if that is good, or bad...but I like the way she runs her sales, she is usually very nice and she has fair prices.

We stood in line to check-out for quite a while, and the lady in front of me who was checking out, had a pot that was marked $5, the check-out girl thought it was $3. The lady pulled it back out of her bag and showed her it was $5. She told the check-out girl how honest she is, and that's just a trait of hers. Then she immediately tried to pass off $7 worth of linens for $3!!!

She hurried up and told the cashier the price and stuffed them in to her bag, the cashier had her pull them back out and looked them over and corrected her and told her it was $7, not $3. The lady said oh, ok $7. Really?!? Wow! Honest on $2 but not on $4? Geesh!

Kevin has never gotten over the "this feels awkward, shopping in someone's house, maybe I shouldn't be here" thing, so estate sales stress him out. While we were there a woman who had already checked out and was making trips to her car started a ruckus because one of the things she bought was missing from her pile. A man in line had picked it up and was going to buy it. He gave it back and everyone was happy.

I'm choosing to believe he was a newbie and didn't know any better-rather than the alternative. That little 60 second scene stressed Kevin out-he wanted out of there NOW! I couldn't believe that little nothing riled him so much. I told him about the time Auntie and I were at at sale together and two big guys almost started throwing punches in a basement over dollar records! Now THAT was something to be anxious about, or stressed about. LOL!

Here is what I picked up today...all from the estate sale-no treasures at Treasuremart for me today!
 5 scrapbooks filled with old cards, a yardstick, a sifter, enamelware pan, two tablecloths, glassbake casserole, swanky swig, shaker bottle.

 I thought Adam should have added this to his housewarming present! A swag light made from foam egg cartons with beads and ric-rac---complete with light bulb and chain for hanging-it even works-$1!!

More hot pads that will probably never make it to the booth!

I'll take some snaps of the vintage cards in the scrapbooks and show them in a later post-They were $2 each book, and I've been enjoying looking at them all and even reading the messages written by friends and family in them! I bet you'll like them too!

Happy Weekend!!! Stay warm and safe friends!!!


  1. That light is a hoot! Yes we all have side effects when we can not go shopping!

  2. Looks like you were able to find some treasures among all the drama! Good for you!