Sunday, May 5, 2013

A New Project!

A while back, I saw something online that set me off on a quest to find a cheap old bowling ball. I found one late last summer at a garage sale and it was FREE!!! I got too busy to do anything with it then, but now that things are slowing down a bit, and the weather has warmed up a bit, I decided to get started.

 Thanks Marc, whoever you are for getting rid of your old ball, so I could try a new project!

 After a little white spray paint so it wouldn't be so dark under neath.

 Glass globs from Hobby Lobby and the Dollar Store.

 All set and ready for the next step!

This stuff is supposed to be amazing...the only takes over 24 hours to set/cure. This was kind of a long, drawn-out project!

But I LOVE, LOVE LOVE it!!!! A couple of glass globs fell off during the night a couple of nights ago and stuck to the carpet in the sun room-doh! I left it sitting on the carpet and not in the box-how dumb! It isn't really bad, but I know it's does Lucy, she keeps scratching at it and looking at me, like "how dumb of you to put this here, get it off!"

I can't wait to get more bowling balls for more projects!!! I saw a house today with about 20 bowling balls all around in their garden-it was AWESOME!!!!

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