Sunday, September 1, 2013

All Set for September!!

Today was Dealer Day for September. I didn't get away with only bringing in 5 large items this time. I did bring a couple large items, but mostly it was smalls to fill all the spaces from last month's sales. Last month was a really good month, so I had a lot of room to fill up. Plus, we just started a big sale that runs another week-hopefully this September will be just as good as last September.

I always try to remember to take pictures of the booth when I am done, so I can go back and look at them when I am preparing for the next Dealer Day. It REALLY helps a LOT!!! If you have a booth, and you aren't taking pictures, you should be! They are really useful tools to help you plan and organize better, so you know what to bring with you, and it helps you to plan your displays ahead of time. Which means less time in the mall/shop trying to figure out what you are going to do.

This Dealer Day was the most challenging so far. Not for lack of junk treasures, but because the spare room where all my stuff is, has also become the holding room for all the bathroom stuff. I had to make a maze first to get to things, then pick and choose what would go, and then price it and pack it. I also organized my stuff a little better on the shelves in the closet, so the next time my parents visit, there won't be so much stuff out in the room. (Hint, hint...come visit soon Mom & Dad!!!)

Here is what it looked like when I left today...

Do you have any plans for tomorrow? Family or friends get-together? Traditions? R & R? We are hopefully going to just hang out, swim a little, and cook something up on the grill. Real low-key, but very much needed. Hope your weekend is going along GREAT!!! Thanks for stopping by!!

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  1. Always fun to see your booth monthly changes. I keep forgetting to take photos of my changes. I painted my dining area this weekend! Trying a less is more look! For NOW!