Monday, December 2, 2013

All Decked Out for December!

Yesterday was Dealer Day at the antique & collectibles mall where I have my booth. I had a TON of work to do to break down the Fall/Thanksgiving display and to deck it out for Christmas! My car was filled with all kinds of vintage Christmas goodness. When we pulled into the church parking lot this morning, ever so carefully so as not to upset the crazy packing/stacking job to get it all in, some things clanked together in the back and we had a good chuckle thinking that no one had a clue about what was in my car!

We only had to bring home a few fall things-everything else was able to find a place-hopefully it will all hurry up and find new homes so I clear out more stuff from the house! I know I sold at least one thing today, while I was setting up, a couple of people were pretty excited about a wooden Santa I brought in. The first lady said she'd let me finish setting up, but she was coming back to buy him. Then my friend Auntie swooped in and bought him!

The lady was also interested in a sled I had and some blow might end up being a really good day if she comes back!

Here is what it looked like when I pulled it all out of the car..

Here is what it looked like before Santa got pulled out to go to his new home...

Here is what it looked like after Santa left...
 Whew!!! Now hopefully a lot of this will find new homes by the end of the month!!!

Fingers crossed!!!

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