Monday, July 14, 2014

Legs Inn...don't miss it!!

While we were up north (that's what we Michiganders call pretty much anything north of Bay City) at my parents (which we call waaaaayyy up north because they live in the U.P.) they took us out to dinner at a really unusual, fun place in Cross Village called Legs Inn. It is near Petoskey, and about an hour drive from my parent's house.

I don't know about you, but a lot of times, when I am going someplace new, I get an idea in my head of what the place is going to look or be like. Well, this place was no where near what I had imagined. It is very unique and very interesting. Lots to look at as you are entering and walking through to your table.

If the weather is nice, make sure you ask for patio/outdoor seating! The view and atmosphere is amazing!! I've never had another dining experience like this-ever! We were seated outside in a marvelous garden, on a bluff right on the water of Lake Michigan,so we got to watch a freighter go by as we ate!

Their specialties are authentic Polish food, but there were quite a few American choices on the menu. I ordered a pierogi sampler (4 pierogi's two were cheese, one was meat and one had cabbage and cheese in it) and two potato pancakes-YUM!!!

If you'd like to find out more about this restaurant, click here to go to their website and check it out! If you are ever in the area, make sure you make time to stop-you won't regret it! Note that they don't open until noon,and they don't accept call ahead seating or reservations. My parents told me the last time they went, before our trip there, they arrived right at noon and had an hour and a half wait!

As you can see, the food was awesome! I scarfed half of it down before I remembered to take a picture!!

Part of the charm is driving through the tunnel of trees! It's a narrow, winding road that leads from Petoskey to Cross Village. At some points, it was actually kind of scary. My dad has a HUGE truck, and the road was so narrow, and the trees were so close to the road that either we had to stop or the oncoming car had to stop so one of the cars could squeeze through. Very pretty drive though.

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