Sunday, March 29, 2015

Couldn't be More Proud!

A couple of weeks ago, my oldest son asked me in a nonchalant sort of way, if I would be interested in going to watch him get inducted into a national honors nursing society. I jumped all over it! Of course I'd be there!!! Well, our weeks got busy, and it slipped my mind, until he mentioned it again and told me what time we'd have to leave to get there in time. He also mentioned that he didn't think it was any big thing, because the email they sent to him telling him where and when, was very vague. It just said 2:00 at the Student Center at Eastern and the date.

I suggested to his younger brother that it would be a good thing for him to go as well, to show support for his brother. He went right to his brother and complained that I was making him go! That started a very crabby conversation with the oldest, asking why I was making his brother go, and how he told him to stay home because he didn't want to be that guy showing up with his whole family for something that was so small, and not that big of a deal. Which then lead to him telling his dad he could stay home as well.

So it ended up just being the two of us. We got there right on time, but the first parking lot was full, so we had to go further away and pay for parking. By the time we walked into the building, we were pushing being late. He wasn't worried. He said it's across from Wendy's, it's not a big deal, and he wasn't expecting a ceremony-just a table where they'd hand him a certificate and honor cords to wear at graduation and we'd leave.

The only problem...there wasn't anything across from Wendy's in the Student Center. It was just a small seating area, with students hanging out and doing homework. There weren't any signs in the building indicating where we should go, so we decided to go upstairs. Good thing there was an information desk on the second floor! When we asked the attendant, she said, "Oh, that's in Ballroom A". I gave him the mom look and shook my head as we walked over and checked him in. I had a feeling it was a bigger deal than what he was thinking. He didn't dress up-he kind of went in the middle, not really dressy, but not jeans and a t-shirt, because he thought it was going to be so low-key.

As you can imagine, since it was in the ballroom,  it was kind of a big deal. There were several round tables set up, with tablecloths and centerpieces, and at each table were junior, senior and graduate nursing students along with their F A M I L I E S!! Imagine that! Families coming to show their support and pride in their honor students while they are inducted into the honor society!

He said that he felt bad for not letting his dad come when he saw all the other families there. The whole thing only took about an hour. It went really fast-the longest part was the key-note speaker, who basically admitted to finding her speech on Google.

He was called up with the junior class to receive his award. He doesn't technically start his senior year until September, even though he graduates in December. Only 15 students got high enough grades in the Junior class to be honored with induction into Sigma Theta Tau. I believe he said that students have to get a 3.9 or higher to be inducted.

Since he didn't want to be "that"family, I didn't dare ask to take my camera, so these pics are from my phone-so not that great, but at least I got some!!

 He really had to duck low for the little lady in front of him to put the cords around his neck. 

 These were all the students being inducted. juniors, seniors, graduate nurses, and two honorary inductees.

Proud mama moment for sure!!

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