Saturday, May 30, 2015

The Secret Keeper

A little over two weeks ago I got a text from my cousin asking if I'd be willing to be the secret keeper for a gender reveal party for her son and his girlfriend, who are expecting twins. Of course, I said YES!!! They came over a few hours later and dropped off a sealed envelope from the ultrasound technician, and then the pressure started!!

I have been so stressed, and so worried that I'm going to mess up and give it away that I was glad for a few days away from everyone last weekend when we went up to the U.P. to see my parents. I lose cell service around Gaylord, so I didn't have to worry about letting it slip in a phone or text conversation, but once I was back-I was stressing again!

I kept telling myself I can do this!! Not only do I keep the secret, I also am in charge of making the reveal boxes. Boxes filled with balloons that when opened, float to the sky-in either pink, or blue, or all pink or all blue. Since there are two babies, I decided to go with two boxes.

It's nothing fancy, but I think they turned out nice! I kept having idea after idea, but when I went to shop for supplies to make my ideas into reality, I either couldn't find what I had in mind, or if I found it, it was super expensive. So, this is what they started as, and this is what they turned out like...

Everyone "voted" with their shirt/clothing color. As you can see, most people were either blue or undecided. Most of my family wore blue. I had to wear green, so no one would guess. That was pretty hard to do since most of my shirts are either blue or pink!!

What a fun day!! I just wish I could have enjoyed it more-me and my chronic ear infections...ugh!!! Not fun! Hoping the meds finally kick in and start working!!


  1. Cute reveal and you did a great job! Twin girls, how sweet!

  2. Darling I love how you made the boxes and Congratulations to the cute couple!