Tuesday, December 8, 2015

A Full Weekend!

I can't believe that more than a week has gone by since my last post! We have been so busy that it seems like it's only been a day or two! I'm almost done with my Christmas shopping, but nothing is wrapped, and my little aluminum tree is up, but the big one has only about a dozen branches stuck into it. I hit the wall Sunday afternoon, and haven't been back to finish!

On Thursday, after work, I stopped by a few little local stores, some that I like to visit regularly, and some new to me. I found a large scarlet Fiesta canister in great seconds shape and a brand new set of drinking glasses at a local resale shop. The canister is now my utensil crock, and I LOVE it. The glasses replaced the old, dwd glasses that we've had for years. I got incredible deals on both, so that made me very happy!

I also visited three local small businesses. One, a purse/shoes/jewelry shop, one a vintage/antique/crafty shop and the other a resale shop in what used to be an antique store. I was pretty disappointed to witness workers who were more interested in their phone conversation, and conversations with each other than to make me feel welcomed in their shops. At one very tiny store, I kept walking around looking at things, and noticed their conversation stopped when I walked near them, and as I walked further away, they started again.

I guess I was hoping for a much more welcoming experience. Since life is so busy, I don't know if I'll make time to visit those shops again in the future. I wasn't expecting milk and cookies, or big hugs for walking in,but just to be welcomed and acknowledged and not made to feel like I was interrupting something, and that they couldn't wait for me to leave.

On Friday, my youngest and I met my oldest around the halfway point for lunch. I know it's only been a week since he moved out, but it was so good for this mama to see her boy!! We also did some errands and got some groceries at Kroger. We needed gas and were very pleasantly surprised to get a 30 cent per gallon discount with my Kroger card at the pump!!! I can't remember the last time I got gas for $1.39 a gallon!

Later that evening, I mixed up three different types of cookie dough and put them to rest in the fridge. Saturday morning, my oldest's gf and a friend from work came over and we had a marathon cookie session! Then I met some of my cousin's to see the Peanut's movie, and had just enough time to come home to change and head out to volleyball.

Sunday after church was round two of cookie baking, and the start of getting the decorations out and up. That was when I started feeling like I couldn't take a deep breath without hurting around my ribs in the front and back and around my collar bone area.

Since I was still coughing and having the pain, some of my coworkers convinced me to see my Dr on Monday. I was lucky to get a lunchtime appointment, and I was surprised with a chest x-ray, and an inconclusive diagnosis of either pleurisy or strained muscles. The Dr. said the treatment was the same, pain meds and rest-so that is what I'm doing today. That and catching up on catching up with friends I haven't talked to in a while, and my online groups and blog lists.

Here are some pics of the past week at our house...

An order from Kohl's---bubble wrap on each piece, but no filler or peanuts. We're lucky only one out of the 7 items in the box broke!

 Mr. got a special delivery...he's a happy guy!!

He's been busy unboxing,setting up and trying it'sa lathe.

A trip to the groomer, and a thunder shirt-why didn't I get one sooner?!?

I had time on Friday to visit the mall where my booth used to be, and I saw so many awesome things!!!

I wasn't kidding! $ 1.39 a gallon!!

I found a vintage Fiesta mixing bowl (#5) at the mall, with an incredibly low price, plus another 25% off!!! I found the Federal daisy bowl online. It was to replace the one that came a while back broken.

I should have measured mine, before I bid!!! Oops! Not the same!

My mom's recipe--Double Treat cookies

 My friend P.J.'s recipe--molasses cookies

LOTS of molasses cookies!!

My grandma's recipe--snowball cookies

 My mom's recipe for sour cream coffee cake---I make them small.

My grandma's recipe--same one I'm sure everyone uses.

 New recipe---Twix thumbprint cookies

All done with the caramel and chocolate-YUM!!

 Magic 7 layer bars with a layer of drizzled chocolate because I had so much left over from the Twix cookies.

 Homemade mounds and almond joy---before the dark chocolate was added

Getting plates ready to head to work with Mr for his coworkers.

 This week's treasures...of course-Fiesta!!!

This weekend is THE weekend!!! Our oldest GRADUATES college!!! I'm so proud of him!! It sure has changed our household having him gone, but it's good for him to get out there and lead his own life!!

Have a great week!!!


  1. Fun finds and yummy doesn't get much better. Hope you're feeling better soon!

  2. At that price of gas, I would have moved my car and stood at the pump to pump gas for two more cars for people I didn't know!!! Wow! We live in SE NC, and our gas prices are low, but they are lower just over the border to SC (about 17 miles from us). We make sure to fill up while we're there. It isn't too often, and we don't go specifically to get their gas, but we take advantage when we're there!

  3. So many cookies! I love them all! Those with chocolate are my favorite!