Monday, June 20, 2016

Two Outdoor Markets in One Weekend!

I woke up Saturday morning to an email reminder for the Town Peddler Outdoor Market. I've never been to one of their outdoor markets, so I decided to check it out. It was a nice market, small, but nice. I'd guess and say there were probably about 20-25 outdoor vendors. I got there two minutes after they opened, and zipped through.

I went inside the mall and shopped too. Most of the indoor booths were having sales to coincide with the outdoor sales. I had tons of luck inside! I found one booth with 50% off, another with 30% and another with 10%.

I went to a few garage sales nearby, but didn't find anything. I even visited another antique shop just a mile or so down the road-they were having an outdoor market too. Their's only had about 10 outdoor dealers, but one had tons of Pyrex, I even found a piece that needed to come home with me

I even managed a quick side trip to Knightsbridge on my way home. I knew my oldest and his GF were coming over to celebrate and early Father's Day, so I flew through there as well. A lot of changes since my last visit, and a lot of same, same.

We had a great visit with our kids on Saturday, and after church on Sunday, Mr. and I headed to Lansing for the Mega Mall outdoor market. I bet they had 50+ outdoor vendors and a DJ. They even had some pop up contests. It always is such a fun atmosphere! If it wasn't so far away, I'd love to set up a booth there, at least once. They always have tons of shoppers.

I found a few treasures inside and we were able to make it home in time for Mr. to hang out in his barn, doing guy things before we started up the grill. What a FUN weekend!!

Here are some pics from our weekend...

Saw this in downtown Northville---it's a dentist office---the "sculpture" is called "tooth quake" giant plastic teeth spilling out of the windows...kinda weird--IMO

Outdoor Market at Town Peddler

Looked like basketballs, sprayed black then painted to look like lady bugs, with antennae glued on

Carla---remember these from Greenmead Flea Market? They were inside in a booth at Town Peddler

They were only $150 at Greenmead

Do you see what I see?? I flipped it over and saw it was on clearance for $3.33 from $11!

Remember this one too Carla?? It was also at Greenmead. The dealer was keeping the seat cushions in her car to keep them from getting wet in the rain.


Quick lunch stop at Culver's---look at that purple truck!!!

This is my haul from Saturday!

Mega Mall on Sunday

I've been looking for a long time for a metal rack like this...

P86 Fiesta and Pyrex were plentiful at Mega Mall this trip

I think this is the most expensive DWD set I've ever seen...maybe the most expensive set I've ever seen period!

This is what came home with me from Mega Mall

Super fun weekend hunting for treasures! What did you do? Did you find anything fun??

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  1. You have the best outdoor markets! I love how you take so many pics so we can drool along :-)

    Glad you found some great new Pyrex!