Saturday, August 20, 2016

The Dog Days of Summer...Bring on the Garage Sales & Summer Open Houses

Can you believe there are only a couple weeks left of summer? Labor Day is just around the corner! That means all of the garage sales, and summer flea markets will be coming to an end.  I don't know about you, but that always makes me sad. I LOVE the hunt. I love to go to just see what I can see, and to people watch. I'm perfectly happy to come home empty handed. I guess I like to be on the go too, so I'm going to get out there and go while I can!

I went to a couple of sales yesterday with Mr and got a couple of things, but the best part of the day was a quick drive through a cemetery that we didn't even know existed before we turned in to turn around.

We had been following signs for a HUGE SALE, that was huge alright, except it was all baby stuff. So I drove past it looking for a place to turn around. The first place I found was the cemetery.

I am always fascinated by old cemeteries. I know some people think that's creepy, but not me. I like to read the headstones and try to imagine who that person was, what they did how their life was, and maybe even how they died.

It was a great little side adventure to our day. It's really hot and humid here so the rest of yesterday was spent following in the pool. The water was 84 degrees, so it didn't cool us off much.

This morning, bright and early, I met Auntie and another friend and we took off for Williamston for their summer open house. We got there as they opened. There were a lot of dealers set up under the tents. We were sad to see that some of our favs weren't there though.

It was fun to walk through the tents and the mall, even if I came home empty handed. Here are some pics of the last couple of days...

Look at this garage sale!!!

Fun stuff in every corner!!

A couple more pieces of amethyst plates for my collection.

I really only wanted the littles, but the price for the whole set was worth it!

Here are some pics from the Williamston Summer Open House...

Wouldn't this be cool hanging on a wall!?!?

What?!?!? a PURPLE ladder?!?! I LOVE it!!!!

Old hat forms!

It was a fun couple of days! Hope you're enjoying the hunt!!! :)

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