Sunday, September 11, 2016

Thrifty, Bargain Hunting Weekend!

I can't begin to say how much I needed this weekend! Things have been so busy and hectic lately, and there really hasn't been much down time, so this weekend really hit the spot!

On Friday, I tried to sleep in, but couldn't, so I spent the morning just being lazy, and giving our Lucy girl some much needed attention. A couple of weeks ago, we brought home a couple of new puppies and she has had an attitude a mile long since they moved in. She is getting better, but still needs her special time with us - without the interlopers.

After playing with her and letting her be the princess for a while, I decided to take a quick trip to Collette's Vintage in Burton. The booths were all stocked and it was fun to wander around to see what I could see. I also paid a quick visit to Memories Antique Mall in Swartz Creek, Genevieve's in Burton, Fratz Consignment in Fenton and Twice New Consignment also in Fenton. I always like to hit a few shops when I go out, rather than just one place.

I stopped at a couple of Walmarts looking for the new Pyrex storage bowls with the butterprint and the snowflake garland, but I didn't find any. I also stopped at a couple of Target stores to try to find some Halloween Pyrex, but didn't have any luck there either! It was a great day to get out,enjoy the weather, and the hunt, clear my mind and rejuvenate!

On Saturday, Mr and I went to Detroit. I saw an online ad for community garage sales in Indian Village, and knowing how gorgeous the houses are there, we went. We went mostly to see the houses, and not for the sales. It was a good thing because we didn't find any treasures, other than the sight of gorgeous houses!

Today found us standing in line at the Greenmead Flea Market. We got there almost an hour before it opened, because when I went with a friend in the spring, we were so far out in the line that we were wrapped all the way around and down Newburgh Rd. I didn't want to risk getting in so late this time. Mr talked for a long time about how many brownie points he was earning just by going with me, and all the extra points for standing in line so long.

We had fun people-watching. The crazy ways that people were parking on the grass made us laugh and we even considered hanging out to watch them all try to pull out. We didn't stay, I thought I had seen an ad for the Town Peddler for an outdoor mart...we missed it by one day-doh! It was still fun to wander around inside the mall, even if I didn't leave with anything, it was still fun to look.

Here are some pics of our adventures today and of our newest family members...

Don't let the sweet faces fool you...our house has been in chaos since they moved in!

Meet Ben and Bailey...what were we thinking?!?! Not one puppy, but two!!!

Saw this beauty at Collette's! If there were two, we would have had new stools at our kitchen counter!

This was a great deal at Collette's, for the set. I've seen the large bowl sell for that or more all by itself.

This was too cool to not snap a pic of.

This is what came home with me! I finally got a green dots!!! I had totally given up hope because there was no way I was ever going to pay $50-$89 to get this bowl. I am happy to say, I got it for a price that I didn't have to think twice about.

Check out this tablecloth with the ducks!!! When you have a huge vintage tablecloth collection, it is hard to find tablecloths that are different. I was thrilled to find this!

These two are in great shape and they were at great prices.

It sure didn't feel like we were in Detroit. People were out and about, milling around, shopping on driveways, talking and enjoying the day. Just a couple of streets over, it was a different story.

Things seen at Greenmead today...

How cool is this!?!?

Wouldn't this be awesome with bottle brush Christmas trees or vintage ornaments in the truck bed??

 Cute idea!!

This is one of the bowls on my wish list. It was pretty DWD. I picked it up, and thought about it for a minute or two. I even thought I might repaint the diamonds...but put it back.

These beauties both came home with me. Both were bought at Greenmead. Pyrex was alive and well today at Greenmead! Lots of booths had LOTS of Pyrex. There were some ladies who were running to the Pyrex-not me, but I got beat out at few booths by those who were.

I'm looking forward to another Mega Mall outdoor flea next Sunday, and then Midland on the 24th and Davisburg in October!

I still can't believe that summer is over!!!

Happy Hunting!!

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