Sunday, November 13, 2016

Antique Open House Times 7!?!

Last weekend was a marathon treasure hunting adventure for my junkin buddy Auntie and I. We started in Lake Odessa visiting 3 shops, then headed to Allen to roam 4 more! What a FUN day!! It was a last minute decision that we hatched while having lunch together just a couple of days before. I think it will be my turn to drive for the next 10 adventures, because we took her car this time and racked up over 250 miles!

We had plenty of time to chat and catch up as we were driving, and it was so nice to have unhurried time to do that! I treasure our "friend" time more than the treasure hunting time-the whole day was a TON of fun!!

Here are some pics from our day. the malls were all having holiday sales/open houses so there were some great deals to be had!

See the grandma's garden quilt peeking out on the side?

I took this pic for my friend Carla, I thought she'd love this mirror!

I came very close to bringing one of these quilts home with me...but once I thought about how many I already have, I decided to leave it for someone else to find.

I LOVE glove forms!! These were HUGE! I've never seen them so big.

Vintage Pyrex was alive and well throughout all the shops we visited!

Spools of ribbon!

I LOL'd when I saw this!

 A Pinterest project that I've wanted to try...

I still LOVE cabinets!

I had to think long and hard about these bowls. I've had them on my wish list for some time. I've never seen them ITW, only online. The yellow and green were mint, the pink had a little usage but was still in great shape!

These treasures came home with me!
I spent more than I really wanted to on the kitchen aids bowl, but it was a lot less than they are going for online. My Butterprint collection is now complete! The shakers weren't on my wish list, but they were in such great shape and at a really great price, so I couldn't walk away!

Here are some pics from the rest of my week:

Foggy Sunday morning...on the way to church we were admiring the fog when we looked closer and saw the hawk in the tree. It made me super nervous because not five minutes before, we had the puppies out about 50 feet from the tree!

Have you looked up at the moon last night or tonight? GORGEOUS!!!

We needed to replace our old dishwasher, and since there are great sales going on right now, we bit the bullet and bought one. The old one was crammed in really tightly so Mr had his work cut out for himself trying to get it out. We laughed so hard at the pups trying to get in there to help. The funniest part of this is the memories that came back of our boys crawling on my Dad, their grandpa, every time he had to get on the floor to fix something, the boys crawled all over him asking him what he was doing, and if they could help...such great memories!!

We got the new dishwasher all installed and it didn't work! Lowe's was amazing and all it took was one phone call and they pulled a new one off the shelf and had it waiting for us! The second one works GREAT-even plays a little tune and opens the door to let the steam out when it's done!

I've been working on save the date cards for my oldest and his fiance, I'm so excited they are letting me design them! I'm looking forward to us all being together for Thanksgiving!

I hope you are having a great weekend!

Happy Hunting Friends!!

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  1. I love looking at your pictures of our outings...I ALWAYS see things I missed in the shops (and wish I could go back and get). It was a blast and I'd do it again anytime!