Sunday, February 5, 2017

Another Couple of Weeks in Pictures

Not much thrifting going on around here these days, but I sure manage to keep busy with life! Here are some pics of what I've been doing the past couple of weeks...

I bought some new curtains from Wayfair, and I LOVE them!! They really lighten up the room. The dark brown leather couches really  make the room dark, and I think these are just the right touch of brightness without going over the top.

This was recommended to me by a coworker it tastes bad, and even worse if it is luke warm, but it does work!

I had a Dr. appointment that I've waited 3 months for. It was at Domino's Farms. Not your typical Dr office setting.

This is the entrance

This beauty was just inside the doors.


Can't go to Ann Arbor without a quick stop at The Treasure Mart!!

I loved this tub!

This little cabinet was $450...would you pay that for it? I wouldn't, because it's not my thing.

Do you see what I see?? Not a bad price either only $8.50.

So much to see!!

Post 86 Fiesta was alive and well at Treasure Mart! Tons of colors to choose from.

These were interesting, the material was a leather like...maybe real leather, I don't know.

Was this a real Fiesta thing, or did someone add these little embellishments?

I was pretty excited to find this Fiesta tablecloth. It was in excellent shape. It was plastic and it was oval, Since my table is not oval, it had to stay there for someone else.

Living on a dirt road is tough when it's wet and warm. I tell people it feels like you are driving through a Wendy's traction control has to come on to get through the mud! This was a much needed car rained the next day and all was for naught! The joys of living in the country!

This was my surprise treasure from Treasure Mart. A stacking, vintage refridgerator dish. The best had been there for 6 months, so it was 60% off!!!

I've been working on cleaning out the spare bedroom. It was getting to full of junk hidden treasures. I don't know how my parents can sleep with all the stuff tucked into every nook and cranny. It's time for another garage sale! I'll be having one late spring/early summer.

I have a bin full of vintage Pyrex that I was hoping to trade, but never got around to it.

See the tan/dark brown/white material? Those were my old curtains from the livivng room. I got all 4 panels at S.A. for $4. The material felt brand new when I bought them. They weren't my favorite, but the price was right!

This was for my birthday at work! How FUN!!! My coworkers found my stash that I use on everyone's work station or office on their birthdays, and they decorated mine for me!

I had to run to Sam's for candy and soda for our snack shop in our Student Center, and as I was walkaing through, I saw these and couldn't stop laughing and thinking yuck at the same time! Cod Loins!?! Somehow porkloin, or beef tenderloin do bother me, but cod loins...I ...just ...can't!

All restocked and ready to go for another 3 months!

I had been watching this online for a while and after looking at the description, I decided to take a chance. Getting a vintage Vera for under $10 is a steal. The description wasn't said a couple of small stains and a couple small snags.

I couldn't unfold it very easily because it was stuck together in a couple of places by dried on food!!! I counted more than 6 stains, and these are what the seller considered "snags". They weren't shown in the pictures. The seller had around 500 100% positive feedback, so I chose to not say anything. I'm not looking for money back or to return it...I'm just bummed at how poorly it was described.

My oldest and his soon to be bride took us all out for my birthday dinner the day before my birthday, at a local Mexican restaurant-YUM! They spent about 6 hours with us and it was AWESOME!!!

This guy got his hair cut. He doesn't look like Guy Fieri anymore. All of his bleach blonde spikey hair on the top of his head is gone. He sure is cute!!! I love being able to see his eyes!!

This toy bin belongs to three very spoiled poopers! This is what it supposed to look like...every day I pick up at least 12 "babies" from the floor-all through the house. Garage sales and the Dollar Store are great places to pick them up inexpensively.

Birthday flowers from one of my coworkers! She brought them to me the day after my birthday, and they were a bright burst of sunshine in a cloudy/ gray Michigan.

My Happy Birthday tablecloth! I picked it up from a FB marketplace group. It was a porch pick-up. I don't think it is vintage, it feels like polyester, but I still love it! I thought the seller was very trusting. She had it in a bag on her porch with a note to leave the money in the envelope under the doormat. I've never done porch pick up for something someone pays for , only free stuff. I think I'd worry that someone would take the item and not pay. Have you ever done PPU for a money item? How did it work for you??

Auntie and I met for lunch last week, and she had this beauty wrapped up for me!!! I've been looking for one, but coudn't find just the right one. I LOVE it!!! It is still out on my buffet so I can look at it every day!!

In my cleaning out and purging, I came across these plates...I still love them...I've got to figure out a way to either use them or display them so I can see them!

This has been a huge part of my life the past few weeks! Ugh! Started off with migraines and feeling like the room was moving-that lasted a couple of days, then the sniffles, follwed by full on cold, and now I'm at the coughing my head off phase. I bought bleach wipes for work to use on the phones at the front desk. We all have to take a turn at the front desk and I think we all keep giving the cold to each other.

Here is the recipe for the cinnamon rolls that I made a couple of weeks ago. I was planning to do a big post with step-by-step instructions and you can see, I didn't have a change to fit it in, so here is the recipe. They were very good, but not amazing. I am planning to make them again, but add more butter and try a cream cheese frosting. If you make them Mary, you'll have to let me know how you liked them!

I decided to try something different for dinner last night. I wanted to cook some turkey kielbasa and green peppers and onions. Then I thought I'd make some redskin potatoes and they thought, why not combine them! Then I got an idea to try some Granny Smith apples chunked up in there with everything else. I sprinkled it all with parsley, pepper and coarse salt, and tossed it with a few tablespoons of olive oil. It wasn't great, but it was good and lower calorie than if I'd fried it all together on the stove rather than the oven.

After church Mr and I took a quick trip to Ikea. So many ideas!!! I am looking forward to making a wrapping station in one of my spare bedrooms!

Mr is making us new kitchen cabinets. All of the lowers will be big drawers instead of cupboards. I LOVE this little lid organizer!

We had lunch at Ikea. A first for us. I got chicken meatballs and water. Not bad for $ even had cranberry sauce! Mr got a salmon sandwich that was ok, not great though.

 What do you think of these? I think I could handle them for about a day, then I'd get tired of them.

 LOVE these!!!

I picked up a couple of these. They are actually for plastic grocery bags, but look how well they hold wrapping paper!!

They sell quartz countertops at Ikea! Who knew! I really like this and think it will be a nice contrast to natural maple cabinets. Mr wants plain white quartz countertops...I think that will be too bland. We have a while until he gets the cabinets done, so we'll have to do some talking.

They had these in the cabinet lights. I thought the price was reasonable. Mr wants to try to find a strip light that will go all the way across the top.

I LOVE this sink!!! Mr wants stainless steel with one big opening...

Other things that happened this week were two nights of volleyball and a great deal at a local sporting goods store on new volleyball shoes and a new gym bag! This week another volleyball league starts for me on Monday. I have a double-header on Monday and Wednesday this week-woo hoo! Can't wait!!!

Are you watching the big game today? I might have it on in the background while I read...I have only ever watched it for the commercials, I'm not a football fan. It won't bother me though if I miss it. I'm making a garlic, broccoli chicken stir fry and homemade egg rolls for dinner...not very football party-ish, but I think it sounds good!

Hope you have a grea week! I'll be starting to work on what I'm going to do when I go to Florida the following week. I'm heading down to see my in-laws, and riding down with my parents. I'm hoping to hit a few flea markets and do some treasure hunting. I also have pinned a bunch of off the beaten path things to do on Pinterest. I just need some time to sort through them and figure out which ones I'll actually visit.  Any suggestions for things to do around Cedar Key?

Happy Hunting friends!!


  1. Oooh, we have the farmhouse sink from Ikea. Love it and have no regrets. Hope your dh changes his mind. You'd love it!!

  2. Thanks! I will. Thanks for all the great photos. Those transferware plates are gorgeous.