Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Do you check your bank statements?

Today I got an email from my husband. He was concerned that there was a $10 "Miscellaneous" withdrawal that was pending on our checking account. He has heard from someone that clever thieves will gain access to your account, withdraw a small amount one or two times then totally wipe your account out!

Needless to say, I got on the phone right away! At first it was a little scary because the customer service guy couldn't find our account with our account number or my social security number. I was beginning to wonder if the whole account was already wiped out, or if maybe it was a scam number on their website and I was giving away my ss number to a thief...all kinds of crazy things were running through my head.

He finally figured out that he was using one wrong number for the ss number, and the bank account number was for the bank we originally opened the account with (they were bought out by another bank-but we were told we could keep the same checks until they run out). WHEW!!! What a relief to finally have my account found!

The $10 charge?? It is a yearly ATM card fee that this bank charges-our original bank did not charge for that. Since we both had debit cards linked to the checking account, I just canceled the ATM card and cut it up. The $10 credit is supposed to show up on my account by Friday afternoon.

I'm glad it wasn't a compromised account, and I'm glad Kevin found it so we could get it taken care of! Don't forget to check your statements for things like that-you could be paying a fee for something you don't really need like we almost did!

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