Saturday, September 17, 2011

A Tribute to Ugliness??

Two posts in one day!!!

I had to run in to my booth today to straighten things up a bit and add in some things because I sold a big trunk yesterday, so it was all discombobulated and a mess! On the way there, I passed sign after sign of sales. "One Day Only" sales, "Vintage Sale", and garage sales and moving sales and an estate sale. I was talking to my mom on the phone (hands free) while I was driving and she always knew when I saw another sign-she heard the sharp in-take of breath and the big sigh.

The sigh was because I had to go do business at the booth before I could "play". I stored those sales away in my mind and trudged on to the booth. I think they helped me whip things into shape quickly, because I was in and out in less than an hour!

Didn't find anything at any of the sales until the last one...

The last sale I went to was the estate sale. All of the prices were really high-much higher than I'd like to spend. The sale was held in 2 garages and a living room of the house. I had just about given up on finding anything when I found a box of old Christmas lights (pretty good sized box), that had "$3 ALL" written on it. I dug through and found some ornaments in a box and walked over to the ladies holding the sale (all of 4 feet away), and asked if they would sell the ornaments separately. The lady cracked up laughing and told me to turn the box around and read what her mother wrote on the box.

"Nothing Special -a tribute to ugliness (use only in desperation)"! I cracked up too. She said her mother had a crazy sense of humor and she couldn't understand why she just didn't toss them out rather than go to all the trouble of writing this message on the box.

She said, I could have them for free since they were so ugly. LOL!
She kind of stuttered on the word ugly-almost like she was afraid of hurting my feelings since I was asking to buy them. It was pretty funny!

I don't think they are ugly-they will look wonderful in my giant ornament jar-and you can't beat FREE!!!


  1. How are those ugly? OMGoodness! LOL

    I love them and would have bought them too. Good find.


  2. Oh no...she would think all of my things were ugly! Love the ornaments!

  3. I think that mother sounds like she was a real hoot! She'd think my Christmas house is a tribute to ugliness, too.