Saturday, October 29, 2011

Battery Jars or Aquariums?

I picked these up at a local barn sale yesterday, I think they might be antique battery boxes, but there isn't any markings on them to indicate that. Last winter when I bought a box similar to the medium sized one at a different sale, I went online to research it and I came to the conclusion that unless they had the markings of the manufacturer, they weren't battery boxes. Have you heard that too?

Do you know anything about glass battery boxes? Are these battery boxes or just glass aquariums? Wouldn't they look awesome filled with vintage ornaments in the middle of a buffet or table for Christmas?!?!


  1. Are you going to sell them? If so I think I would mark them battery(?) holders and not for fish! Love the idea of loaded them up with Christmas ornies. I'm thinking they are "more" battery holders because of the shape. Just my thinking! LOL!

  2. Are they for sale? I like them.

  3. I had one that was the one and a half gallon size when I was a little boy back in the 60s they are aquariums