Saturday, October 29, 2011

Weekend Finds...

I found a few things this weekend...keeping the Harlequin pitcher, Fiesta plate, platter and glass stir sticks!
I might be keeping the pink gingham apron too-LOL-at least for a while...I found a set of 6 glasses with pink, white and blue kitchen items on them-I've had glasses with this design on them before, but these look like they might have been sour cream glasses-can you see how different the lip is?

A couple of melty popcorn Christmas decorations, a pink daisy Pyrex divided casserole, a couple of baby A& W mugs, a set of 6 Dog-n-Suds mugs (I only put one in for the picture. a mini stainless cream and sugar set, a Frankenmuth boot mug, a red basket, a MCP-USA brown planter, a Pyrex covered butter dish-don't know the pattern yet, an old wooden box ($1), a very cool vintage thermos, and an antique sheet music book-WHEW!

I got a couple more things, but like the other 5 Dog-n-Suds mugs-they are already cleaned, priced and in the bin ready to go to the booth.

How did you do this weekend? I'm heading over to your blog next to see what treasures you found this weekend! We've got volleyball in about an hour, so that will take up the rest of my Saturday. Tomorrow I plan to put another coat of paint on the headboard bench that Kevin made, and catch up on the rest of the laundry from the week.


  1. You found so many good treasures! I really love that set of glasses, the colors are so pretty. I love that pyrex dish too! And the butter dish. I can't see it very well in the picture, but if I'm not mistaken I think the pattern is Old Town Blue from 1972.

  2. Great finds! I really like the glasses.