Friday, January 20, 2012

Frigid Friday Finds...

It was 9 degrees when I headed out this morning!! The main sale that I was going to was almost an hour away. I had made up my mind months ago to never travel that far again for a sale, but when you need a vintage fix, and the pictures of the sale look amazing, and it is in an area you never even knew existed...sometimes you have to break your own rules!

I got to talk to my mom for almost the whole trip, so we got all caught up on what's been going on this week, and it made the ride go by really fast! The sale was on a quiet little street that was lined with cars when I pulled up. There was even a utility truck, that had a cone out in the road-just like they were working! I fell for it until I saw the guy making trips from the house to his work truck with boxes of stuff from the sale.

The house looked like it was about to fall down from the outside and was really rough on the inside. It was packed with stuff-dirty stuff. There was more glassware than I've seen at any other sale, maybe even the last 10 sales I've been to combined! It was a private sale (not run by an estate sale company). Those kind of sales are usually either way too high because they are selling "antiques", or really low because they don't know what they have. This sale was a little of both!

I didn't even make a dent! I wish it was closer, and I wish I wasn't tied up all day tomorrow-the last day! I think there probably be some great deals in the last hours.

It only got up to 16 degrees by the time I got home. I stopped at 3 more sales and 4 thrift stores, but nothing even came close to the first sale. It was bright and sunny for the first couple of hours, but then the clouds came in and now it is snowing.

 Any idea what this Pyrex pattern is? When it was made? I've never seen it before, and it was really cheap, so I picked it up.

Kevin is on his way home from work, we are going to a marriage conference at our church tonight at 7, for a couple of hours and then all day tomorrow-right up until volleyball time! Sunday I have to go to a meeting with Eric to find out what our Youth Group is doing for their summer mission trips-busy weekend!

Hope you are having a great start to your weekend! I can't wait to see what you've been finding!!


  1. GREAT Finds -- good job picking! Where was the sale?

  2. I love all those glasses! I have a few of the red, white and green flower ones.

  3. Looks like you will be doing some cleaning! I really like those greyhound glasses. We used to go to the races in Florida every year.

  4. You are the best shopper of vintage. Good stuff.

  5. Well worth the trip. I love the set of horse racing glasses- so unusual. Great stuff!

  6. Wow, I am so envious. We haven't had any sales in two weeks. You got some great fantastic stuff. I love the greyhound glasses and the old water bottles.