Saturday, February 11, 2012

A Quick Trip to the Other Side of Town!

Last night, I found an estate sale on the other side of town that was a one day sale-for TODAY! So Kevin and I decided to check it out! We didn't get up early enough to get there when it opened, we got there an hour late. The roads were bad and the temperature was finally what it was supposed to be for February in Michigan--9 degrees!

It was in a tiny little condo, so we already know that all of the good stuff was gone before the sale even began, because they already had to downsize once to get to the condo. It was a family run sale-so prices were all over the map. I did pick up a few things. I think I got all of the vintage things that were left. The rest was clothes, newer furniture and new everything else.

 The hankies were only ten cents each! I'm keeping the apron-I LOVE the purple!!!


  1. You got some good vintage. Today for me - nada. Season just hasn't started in my area. One sale was 'I bought some lockers and think I am a store', one was not open and the third had the wrong address. Never fear, the sun is going to shine sometime and the garage sales will start again. (I keep telling myself this over and over).