Saturday, February 18, 2012

Saturday...A Review!

This morning I got up and made 4 pans of brownies first thing. One was decorated with sugar letters that said Happy Birthday, for a friend from our volleyball league, because today is her birthday and she will be playing tonight. The rest are for the rest of the people who will be there.

Then I went to my booth to take down my Valentine's garland,and to straighten and fluff. It looked pretty good, only a few things out of place. I did find 4 empty hangers and that has me a little concerned...I haven't sold any linens since last week Friday-yet I have 4 empty hangers! I walked around the mall, but didn't spot any strays of mine in other booths. I hope someone didn't just shove them into a big purse or diaper bag or something!

After I was done there, I decided to check out an estate sale in Mason. When I was at the booth, I was already halfway there, so it made sense to head over to it. It was the second and last day of the sale. It really wasn't worth the extra drive. There was still a LOT of stuff left, but even at half off, it was still too high for me. I guess the main draw of this sale was WWII bomber things that were original to the person they were holding the estate sale for.

All those things were long gone when I got there, but I did get to hear the guy conducting the sale talking to a shopper about a physical fight that broke out in line prior to the sale opening! Two guys wanting the WWII stuff so badly, they turned into brainless fools. What a shame! Is there really anything at an estate sale that is worth fighting over? Is your spot in line so precious that you'd be willing to get into a scuffle over? Not for me! I'd walk away first!!

I picked up a couple of dumb things, mostly because I drove all that way, and felt I needed to at least walk away with something. I don't know why I got them-I should have left them there! Here they are...

I was starving and set the GPS to find a McDonald's and on the way, I passed the Mason Antiques District and a Goodwill store. You know I stopped at both-right!?!? The Goodwill was very well picked over, and looked to be full of dealers looking for their next find for their booth.

The antique shops were holding their cabin fever sales of anything from 10%-60%, although I never saw the booth(s) holding the 60% discounts!

I haven't been to Mason for a good while now, and if I wasn't already there, I wouldn't have driven out of my way to get there. Their prices are really way too high. Even if I wasn't a dealer (which I wasn't the last 2 times I visited), I would still think their prices were too high! I saw a Fiesta mixing bowl that has to have been there at least 5 years, in the same spot at the same price ($225). I remember because that is when I fell in love with Fiesta mixing bowls and at the same time fell into despair because I thought I'd never be able to afford them!

Since then, I've finished a full 7 piece set and have started 2 more sets that are almost complete and I've never paid more than $40 for a bowl-even the biggest of the set!! I almost wanted to whisper to the people shopping there to save their money and their time and drive another 20 minutes or so to my antique mall!! The majority of the booths in my mall have very reasonable prices, and a much better selection.

The Mason Antiques Mall also has outside stalls that dealers rent and "display" or dump (which is more accurate) their wares for people to browse through. I hate shopping the stalls, it is creepy, and dirty and for the most part looks like no one has touched the stuff in them for months! One stall had a big mirror on the floor leaning against a shelf. It was so dusty that people had written all kinds of things in the dust.

So, my advice is skip Mason for antiques. Go to Livingston Antiques Outlet mall, Williamston Antiques mall, Mega mall, or Knightsbridge Antiques mall if you are in southeastern Michigan. You won't miss anything, in fact, you will more thank likely be thankful for the time not wasted.


  1. Laughed about your comments, just found a shop like that in Nelson, NZ. Now, there are a couple of delightful antique shops here, but this particular one was a disaster, with the owner glaring at everyone who walked in whilst he was studying his price guide. Shame, as the shop occupies a charming piece of colonial real estate on the main street.

  2. I forgot to mention the glaring workers!!! :-) They were at these shops too!

  3. I used to always go to the Mason sale, but this year I went to an auction. Sounds like I made the right decision!

  4. lol! It is expensive there and pretty creepy. The Maple Street Mall in Mason is much better, still expensive though! ~ Jamie Asper