Thursday, March 29, 2012

Needing a Good Junk Fix!!!

Here I am at the end of another week, and no good junking adventures in sight!! The number of garage sales in the local paper have been picking up, we are up to 16 this week!! Unfortunately, they are not selling my kind of junk stuff! There are also 38 estate sales within 50 miles of my house, but none of them are enticing enough to spend the gas money on.

My friend Deb, who moved to Atlanta a couple of years ago is in town for the weekend, so we are going to lunch tomorrow. I was hoping for a couple of estate sales to drag her to, but I'm coming up empty! Maybe we can visit a couple of antique shops instead!

After lunch, I'm heading to another friend's house to help her prepare food for a surprise party for her son's fiance's birthday. I think I've recovered sufficiently from the big fundraiser dinner last weekend that I can make some more food! The fundraiser dinner went well. We were down about 50 people from last year and brought in about $500 less than last year, but it was still a big success!

I had to day off from work because I worked all day Sunday for the fundraiser dinner for our church's high school youth group's summer mission trip. The BEST part of my day? Taking little Lucy in to see my little 3 year old cousin Zoe at preschool! She was soo excited!!! She is more than just a little dog crazy and she totally fell in love with my little fluff ball! I'm still smiling!!

Sunday is dealer day at the antique mall, so I'll be spending a good chunk of time Saturday getting stuff ready to go to the booth, and Sunday after church I'll rearrange, straighten and clean stuff up. I've been having a record month this month. I'm surprised because everyone I talk to says March is notoriously a slow month. My friend Auntie told me that most of the dealers in our mall aren't doing well at all this month. That really surprised me! I just figured everyone must be having great sales too. How are you doing this month?? I hope it's a good month for you!!

There really isn't any rhyme or reason to the things that have been selling either...Things that I had expected to sell  immediately are still there, and the stuff I ask myself what in the world possessed me to buy it, is flying off the shelves!! One thing that has surprised me is a set of Marcrest Swiss Alpine dinnerware. I've had it in the booth for almost 6 months and I've lowered it and lowered it and now it is at $32 for a set of 38's still there! I was hoping it would go so I wouldn't have to bring it home, but it looks like it is coming home on Sunday.

I can't wait to catch up on what you've been doing and finding this week! Hope you have a GREAT weekend!!!

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