Saturday, August 24, 2013

Another Weekend...Already???

Is it just me, or do the days, weeks and months seem to be really flying by? I remember my grandma always saying "when you get older, days go by faster." I like to think I am not "older" yet, but mannn, I can sure feel the days slipping by!

I think the days will seem even shorter after Monday, when I start my new schedule at work. I will be starting an hour and a half later than I have been starting for the past 5 years, so that means getting out an hour and a half later-boo!!! I have really enjoyed getting in to work before everyone else and getting going on projects without a bunch of people talking around me and to me-distracting me. Getting out early has been pretty nice too! Oh, well... at least I still have a job-right?

This past week has been a very sad week for my family. A very dear friend of my Mom and Dad passed away on Monday, and his funeral was Thursday. He and his wife have been friends of my parents since before they were married-over 47 years!! In this day and age when people come into and out of your life for a season, having friends for over 47 years is a big deal-at least to me it is!!

I feel bad for missing the funeral. It was in Traverse City-over 4 hours away, and on a work day. I would have liked to have been there for my friends (their daughters and his wife). I was thinking of them and have been praying for them, but I sure would have liked to have given them a hug!

My parents and their friends were playing Yahtzee and timing my mom's contractions when she was in labor for me, so they've always been a part of my life-even if I didn't see them very often after they moved north. I've enjoyed reconnecting with them and keeping up with them on facebook the past few years.

On Wednesday afternoon I went over to my good friend Chicken's Auntie's house (from Kitschy Vintage Blog) to help her finish up organizing and pricing stuff in her garage for a garage sale. I really had to restrain myself-she had so much fun stuff!! I could have done some serious hoarding, had I allowed myself to buy some of her treasures!!!

I stopped in on Thursday after work to see how her sale was going and she had quite a few empty spots-and a full driveway!! I think today was the last day of the sale-hopefully she was able to get rid of most of her stuff so she doesn't have to haul it all back inside!

When I left her house, I went to 2 sales, and then I ended up back at her house again! One sale was one I saw in the paper, the other just a random sale I drove by. At the planned sale, I saw a pretty sweet bark cloth patchwork quilt. I like bark cloth, but I know Auntie LOVES bark cloth. So I sent her a picture text and $8 later, was driving back to her house with a quilt for her!!

I picked up two Christmas half aprons, that might need to spend some time at my house since I have never saved any Christmas aprons for myself-I've always sold them. The other sale was a frog-not a single thing even remotely close to interesting me.

On Friday, I had a couple of appointments and went to 3 sales that were frogs plus did some errands and got groceries. While we were gone, our youngest son installed a new toilet in our main bathroom. The old toilet seemed to be like a toddler toilet (at least that is what it felt like when I had to use their bathroom in May when we remodeled our bathroom), and my guys are 6'3" and 6'5". We were planning to remodel their bathroom sometime late winter/early spring, but Kevin thought they might appreciate a new taller toilet now.

Then we got an offer we couldn't refuse from our oldest son. He told us he had two days off from work, and  one day on and two more off, and if we bought the stuff, he'd do the bathroom!!! So, we quickly made a list and my youngest son and I flew to Lowe's and loaded up 2 flatbed carts, which filled his truck and my car-good thing we thought ahead and drove both!

Had I looked when I took the pic, I would have seen that we picked up the wrong tub!!! We needed a left hand drain-doh! They were really nice about exchanging it,  having a new one brought to the front of the store so I didn't have to walk back and haul it up myself- and they even helped load it in my car!

Last night we tore everything out in about 2 hours. Today, the putting stuff in process is going much slower. I left for a few hours to attend a funeral of the mother of a dear friend and I stopped at a couple antique malls on the way home-hoping they would have some major progress made when I got home. They had the ceiling in the tub area up, and the tub's a start...right?

My whole house is trashed! Building supplies and tools are everywhere! Dust is everywhere! Someone forgot to put the filter back in the shop vac so when I decided to help by vacuuming up drywall just pumped out the other side and filled the house and everything in it with dust-gotta love it! The new toilet only lasted 3 hours before it was taken out, to sit in the dining room until the new tile is ready to support it in the bathroom.

The two antique malls that I stopped at were Town and Country Antiques and Country Peddler, both in Livonia, only a little over a mile and a half apart. I don't get out to that area very often, so I was glad to stop in and visit both of them. I only found one thing I couldn't live without and I am kind of still giddy and pinching myself over it!! Especially the price! It was more like garage sale/estate sale price-not antique mall price with a 15% discount! They even gave me a coupon for 15% off my next visit!

 Please ignore the drywall blob in the picture-it's all over the house right now!!!

I guess I've wasted enough time...I should be out there helping...instead of in my room, away from the dust and the mess...hope you have a great weekend!!!


  1. Look at all your wonderful Fiesta -- you are absolutely the most avid collector I know! Good for you for scoring that and at a bargain price, too!

  2. We are in the midst of our laundry room remodel and it's amazing how one little room being out of commission can totally throw off your entire household! At least you have another bathroom. I only have one laundry room. HA!

    I would say that the Fiesta piece is definitely your reward for your patience and the disarray that your house is in.


  3. Love your Fiesta find! I know that renovations can be SO disruptive,but I know your bathroom will be worth it in the end. :)