Monday, February 3, 2014

All Set for February!

Dealer Day is here again! Time to restock, rearrange, clean and add new stuff to the booth. Since January wasn't a stellar month for me (first time in 3 years that I've actually had to pay, and not get a check!) I decided to redo just about everything! Most of the shelves got rearranged or the items moved from one shelf to another.

It was a lot of work! It took me almost 3 hours to get it all done. I'm happy with the outcome-I just hope the weather cooperates so that people can come in and shop! I was told by someone today that quite a few dealers didn't make their rent for January. One lady said it was the worst month she's had in the seven years that she's been there.

That helped to hear that I wasn't the only one! Hopefully, February will pick up again.


  1. I would be, as we say in the South, in hog heaven! Love every inch of it!

  2. You have a great looking booth! Lots of great treasures. The past few months have been really slow for me, so I have to close my booth at the end of this month. I don't really want to, but I can't afford to keep it going if people aren't buying that much right now.

  3. What I would give if I lived close enough to shop your booth! I see the milk glass bowl I have wanted for 6 months on your front table, the red bench which is the exact size of bench I want for the end of my bed and have searched for almost a year were I live (SW GA), the milk glass mixing bowls on table that I have been looking for to match the Largest of the set bowl I just got, canisters and vintage kitchen items, vintage tins and funniest of all... Bargain Hunter game - I had one of those for years!!! I wish I COULD shop your booth!!!

  4. Looking great and I'm sure sales will pick up!

  5. Your booth looks amazing, totally the kind of stuff I love. In fact I have the matching waste paper basket to your pink hamper so if you wouldn't mind sending me that....Ha!