Friday, February 20, 2015

Another Fun Adventure

This morning, my good junkin' buddy Auntie from Kitschy Vintage and I set out on another fun adventure! We went to 4 antique shops located in Coldwater and Allen, Michigan. It was about an hour and a half drive, so we had lots of time for blabbing and catching up. Since it's only been a couple of weeks since out last adventure, it may seem strange for me to say "catch up", but it's true, we did catch up! We used to work together so we saw each other every day, now we only see each other every couple weeks, and a lot happens in those couple of weeks!!

It was -16.8 when I woke up this morning-actual temperature! My dad sent me a picture text of his thermometer at his house in the U.P. and their actual temperature was -31!! My car was nice and toasty, so the only time we noticed the temperature was when we got out of the car at each stop, and in the first shop that seemed like the heat wasn't working.

Our first stop was in Coldwater, at a new-to-us antique shop called Coldwater Antique Mall. It looks small from the outside, but we were pleasantly surprised when we got inside and it was much bigger than it looked. I'm glad we added this shop into our route-it's definitely a keeper!! We both got some great deals, and considering it is only about 10 minutes past all of the shops we visit every year in Allen, I think it's safe to assume that it has become a regular on our route.

The next stop was Hog Creek Antiques. We had even better luck at Hog Creek! When I brought a few things to the counter for them to hold for me while I continued to shop, the clerk asked my name, and every time I made a pass by the counter area, she said something to me and used my name. I didn't know whether to be impressed that she remembered, or creeped out that she kept using my name. She was actually very nice, and very friendly...I guess I'm just not used to having strangers call me by my name.

The next stop was The Allen Antiques Barn. We decided to shop the upper level first, and it was half dark! Only half of the lights were on. We found a bank of light switches and tried them, but they didn't work. Once we were on the main level, Auntie mentioned to the cashier about the lights, and she ran up and turned them all on. She didn't realize half weren't on. It made shopping a challenge. I only found a couple of hatpins, but it was still a fun adventure!

Just a stone's throw away, was Capitol Antiques. As we were walking in, we both were naming off things that we each had bought there on our last visit-hoping for good finds once again. Auntie found a couple of things, but nothing for me. It's still a must stop on our list even though I didn't find anything this time.

The last stop was another great place. We both had lots of fun wandering around and finding fun things to look at and buy. I felt kind of bad for the clerk. She had to write out one hand-written receipt for each dealer, and then add them all up. It was very time-consuming for her, and it made for a traffic jam at the check-out counter. I guess I've just become used to shopping at stores that have computers.

All-in-all, it was a super fun day! By the time we were in our last lap at the last place, we both were feeling the effects of junk-overload!! It was nice to sit for a while too! We're already talking about, and looking forward to our next adventure. The guy at the first stop loaded me up with all kinds of brochures and maps for future antiquing adventures.

Here are some pics from our adventure.

 This was our route...unfortunately, we never found the second place.

 Brrr!!! Pretty, but oh-so COLD!!!

Coldwater Antique Mall-it's a keeper!!

 I just LOVE cabinets!

LOTS of things to see and a fun place to shop! If you are ever in Coldwater, plan to make a stop at Coldwater Antiques!!

Two more corner cupboards...would it look weird to have every corner in my house filled with a corner cupboard??   ;)

 I bought several things from this booth at Hog Creek-can you guess which ones??

 Do you remember this lamp from our visit last year? Elvis is still in the house!

 They also sell crafts!

This was upstairs at the Allen Antiques Barn. What a clever idea!!! It really wasn't all that expensive either!

 LOVE this table!!!

 I've never seen this pattern before---have you??

 My grandma would have LOVED this lamp!!! She loved owls and she was a big hoarder collector.

Found one, but $125 for the pair is waaaay out of my price range!!


 Not sure if they are cute, or if they are creepy!!

 Capitol Antiques-FIESTA!!!

 Last stop of the day!

Vintage Valentine Cards

 A gift for Mr.

 Snowflake Garland--all in GREAT shape. All from Hog Creek, but different booths.

 From Coldwater Antiques.

JAJ Pyrex found at Hog Creek

 Found at Allen Antique Mall-last stop of the day.

 Found at Hog Creek

 Pyrex 443 Found at Allen Antique Mall

 Fired-on canister-found at Hog Creek.

Red refrigerator dish found at Coldwater Antiques

 Lots of reading material, and ideas for future adventures!!

 Hatpins found at The Allen Antique Barn

 Hazel Atlas bowls found at Hog Creek

 Running out of room!! Once the weather warms  up, I'll spend some time in the sun room rearranging things a bit!

I couldn't remember if I had the yellow one already or if it was the red one. I almost didn't buy it because I wasn't 100% sure. I'm glad I decided to go for it!! The price was great-so that helped me in my decision making!

Did you notice the tablecloth underneath everything? Auntie got it at the Ingham County Fairgrounds Indoor Garage Sale and she's letting me buy it from her--because as she said on her blog. I don't have any tablecloths-LOL!

I wish we lived closer so that we could make that trip more than once a year!! It was fun, and a great way to spend a very cold day!

Hope you are all staying warm! Happy weekend, and Happy Hunting!!!


  1. I love those Hazel Atlas bowls. I just found a stack of them at the flea market last weekend!


  2. That trip was so much fun and you found some great stuff! I'm still cleaning & sorting (and thawing out) -- then I'll be blogging and showing my treasures.