Saturday, February 7, 2015

Another Week Flew By!

Sometimes I think we are just too busy. It's usually when I blink twice and its Friday again. Our weeks in the winter are really jam-packed. So much so, that by Thursday morning, I am worn out! Then Friday (my day off) comes, and I'm all rested and back to normal-even though Fridays are full of grocery shopping, laundry and errands now, more than hunting for treasures. Just getting out of  the house for a little bit without an agenda or schedule is so refreshing!

Today I went to the Ingham County Fairgrounds for their Indoor Winter Garage Sale with my junkin' buddy Auntie from Kitschy Vintage. We had a fun time catching up on life and hunting for treasures. By the time we left, it was pretty packed with shoppers. We both got some great deals.

We also visited all the antique shops in Mason before we headed home.

This past week, I had a few things come in the mail. I finally spent my Christmas money. I also got two treasure boxes from my cousin's mother-in-law. They were filled with some glassware, that I'll probably either sell in my spring garage sale or pass on to friends. Last Friday at my cousin's son's hockey game, her MIL was telling me about some of her collections. WOW! I wish I would have seen some of them before she started down-sizing! She still has a HUGE collection of Aunt Jemima stuff that sounds incredible!

Throw in 3 nights of volleyball with these pictures, and you'll know what my week was like!

This was a purchase last Friday...I still LOVE it, and love looking at it! My mom just bought some and she's planning on melting it in her kiln to make it into a spoon rest. I get the first one!

At Fraser Hockeyland...getting ready to watch my cousin's sons play hockey for Rochester College

 They WON!!! They took back the jug from O.U.! Fun night, and great game!!!

While cleaning out my dresser, I came across some recipes my grandpa sent me for venison...I find myself thinking about him a lot lately, and missing our chats on the phone while I drove to my volleyball games on Wednesday nights.

 I got a package in the mail this week. It was the most interesting package I've ever received in the mail. It was a Christmas gift bottle strip of packing tape to close the top-with openings on each side of the tape. I'm surprised the contents actually made it to me. It would have been very easy for someone to slit the little bit of tape and take what was inside.

The back of the bag.

The contents, a Las Vegas tablecloth. There's a big stain, but it looks like I'll be able to get it out-once the weather warms up and the sun gets a little warmer.

Camera phones never show the details like your eye sees them! This was covered in frost and sparkled like diamonds in the sun.

Sunrise. We got about 12" of snow last Sunday, and our little dead-end dirt road got plowed by 8am on Monday! That NEVER happens!! Usually it is several hours later or even a couple of days later before we get plowed out. I was looking forward to s "snow day" of sorts from work because I couldn't get out. I ended up being only a half an hour late.

Rice paper sheets...hoping to print vintage Valentine designs to put on cookies and cakes. The new printer arrived yesterday, just waiting for the edible ink cartridges!

Treasure Box #1...

Treasure Box #2

The contents of both boxes...minus some really cool sushi plates that got snatched up already by my oldest.

Finally arrived and is at least out of the box...Now for a project!!

Just waiting on my edible ink cartridges-looking forward to some fun baking projects!!

This is the last quilt for me...I promise...I hope...I mean it...I think....I've asked Auntie to hold me to it!! I couldn't walk away, it's my favorite pattern, and it's complete, and, and, and...I've got to stop! :)

I bought some tablecloths too...because I don't have very many-LOL! I've got a serious linen addiction!! I am in a Facebook group called "I need a 12 step program for my Fiestaware addiction", Maybe I should start a group called, "I need a 12 step program for my vintage linen (Pyrex, Fiesta, kitchenware, Valentines, jars, bottles, and any other thing that catches my eye) addiction"

I really needed another bowl...and another jar...ugh-I need help! But it's so much fun, and I don't really spend a lot-it's cheap entertainment! I also got three vintage buttons, I'm hoping to use them in a project that I have in mind.

Here's my wish list for 2015. All the things I'll be hunting for while I'm at Flea Markets, Garage Sales, Estate Sales and Antique Shops. I'm hoping to find things mostly at Estate and Garage Sales, and not so much Stores or online.

Notice the red section. It means DO NOT BUY!!! I should probably put the vintage tablecloths in red too...

We're supposed to get more snow tomorrow. It got to 45 today and a lot melted from last week's storm. Hope you're staying warm and dry!! Happy Weekend!! I'm heading over to see what my blog friends have been doing this week.


  1. LOVE the linens, of course!! I think each week goes by quickly too. I should make a list of my wants!!! Good idea.

  2. Quilts are my newest obsession. Lucky for me, I am kind of picky about the colors and the patterns that I collect! Love all the linens you found. I just went through all of my tablecloths and sold a bunch that I just didn't love. Gotta make room for more!

    Have a great Sunday!