Saturday, April 18, 2015

Garage Sale Fever!

The weather is finally turning to spring in Michigan. Yesterday was THE perfect day! Blue skies, lots of sun, and 69 degrees! I've been dying for garage sales to start up again, and yesterday was a perfect day for being out and about. I drove around with my windows down all day!

I went to 4 sales. I only bought stuff at one sale. It was run by a woman around my age. She was cleaning out her in laws house (it had been sitting un-lived-in) for over a year. She was planning to move into it with her family so they were getting rid of everything. I got a few things for other people. I will keep one thing for myself. and I got some divided Pyrex to trade.

Last night was a busy night around our house. The park next door was hosting a local community's marshmallow drop and Easter egg hunt. It was the make up date, since it rained out the Thursday before Easter. It was also the night of my cousin's Mary & Martha party. You can Google Mary & Martha party to see what that was all about. It is kind of like a Christian home decor party-similar to Pampered Chef and Tupperware parties.

Since I love to take pictures of the marshmallow drop every year, and I wasn't going to be home for it, my youngest agreed to take some pics for me. This is what I missed out on.

After the helicopter leaves, they let groups of kids in a simlar age range run out on the soccer fields to get marshmallows. Anyone who gets a peep, or colored marshmallow gets to turn it in for a prize.

This is our little girl, looking sad the other day when everyone was leaving.

New finds...

404!! Set is done!! If only the red 402, sunflower 441,& butterprint 441 were as easy to find!!

 Garage Sale finds...

Gift from a couple of friends after a really stressful week...

Now I've got the fever-to get out and get to more sales for more treasure hunting!!!

Hope you are having a great weekend!!!


  1. Congrats on completing another set! I have recently been finding a lot of Snowflake Garland Pyrex. I don't collect the pattern but it is a good seller for me.

    I love this time of year too!