Thursday, April 30, 2015

Looking Forward to Tomorrow...

I haven't been doing much thrifting lately. I've been busy with life! Since my last post, my youngest turned 21, had some major changes at work, been crazy busy at work, finished out another volleyball league with a tournament and dessert potluck, and just life in general.

Today, after work, Mr. and I went to Costco. It wasn't overly busy, but when we got to the cashier area, it was packed! They hurried and opened every lane and were rushing people through. The lines were huge for paying and for getting out of the store.

As we were waiting to get out of the store, a man walked up to a manager and asked why we were all getting kicked out of the store. Neither Mr. or I had heard anything, so I eavesdropped to find out what was going on. The manager said they had a potential situation, and they were taking precautions. While we were walking to our car, we saw people walking out and the entire staff walked out. They walked the full length of the parking lot as far away from the store as they could get.

The tire place closed all of their garage doors, and the overhead doors to the main warehouse were closed. Then the parking lot emptied out. It was all very calm, and very smooth, everyone seemed fine, even at ease.

We saw the police cars when we walked in, and we saw a couple officers at the check out area-toward the employee breakroom and bathroom area, but there wasn't any tension that could be felt in the air. The cashier was even joking with us. It was all very normal.

When we got home, we found out it was a bomb threat. They brought in the dogs and cleared the area. I heard there were helicopters flying overhead, and they stopped the school busses from driving through that area. I have to give a lot of credit to the management of our local store for the calm way they handled the whole situation. It could have been really ugly, instead it was very calm-in my opinion.

We did stop at an estate sale on the way home. Actually, it was two estate sales, in two houses, across the street from each other, owned by the same man. One house was on a lake, and the other was across a small dirt road from it. Prices were waaayy high, and there wasn't a single thing I was interested in. I did enjoy wandering through the houses though. It was a first too, two sales, in two houses for the same person-I bet that won't ever happen again.

Tomorrow, I'll be heading up the M15 sale route. It's an 80 mile route from Clarkston to Bay City, with garage sales all along the route. It is officially open on Saturday, but I found a bunch of sales advertised for tomorrow, and Saturday is the Davisburg Antiques Festival...I can't miss that!!!

Saturday evening is the end of another volleyball league that I'm in (run),and we're having a potluck and tournament for that too. So I've got a busy couple of days coming up, and after that I'll only have one night a week for volleyball, and things will slow down considerably. I've never said that before-LOL!

I'll be back with pictures and more stories after this weekend's adventures. Sunday will be cake day-I'll be attempting an Adventure Time cake for my oldest-he LOVES that show-and his birthday is Monday. It's going to be a surprise for him, and for me if it actually turns out!

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