Saturday, August 1, 2015

Another GPS Bites the Dust!

Yesterday, after a nice catch-up lunch with a friend that I haven't seen for a few months, I set off to see what I could see. I found a few sales in an area that I've never hunted in before and decided to go for it. All of my guys were working and no one was expecting me to be anywhere, so why not!?!

One sale advertised that a vintage Pyrex collector was down-sizing,and it was worth the drive...I did make the drive, because I talked myself out of going to a different sale a few weeks back where there were tons of Pyrex because I thought I'd be too late in the door, and wouldn't find anything good. Since not going, I've reminded myself that you have to go to find it, so I decided to go. This drive was only about 25 -30 minutes-so NBD if everything was already gone.

What I found was DWD and only a few pieces in colors that I don't collect. I mapped out a few other sales in the general area, so it wasn't a total loss. I really love the Yard Sale Treasure Map App. It makes finding sales and getting to them a lot easier than the old pencil and paper way that I used to do when I first started shopping on driveways-if you have service on your phone.

While I was out, my GPS started acting funny, so I pulled out my phone to double check it. Sometimes my GPS would be sending me to the right and my phone would send me to the left!! Most people ask why I even still use a GPS...the answer is simple, my phone doesn't always have good coverage and I really don't want to end up in an area that I know nothing about and not be able to find my way out-or home. Basically, T-mobile has coverage anywhere that I'm not (at least it seems that way to me.).

I visited a few sales and then decided to hit some malls and shops that I haven't been to in a while. I also stopped at The Birdcage Antique shop since it was on the way to the other two. I was just there recently, but since I was driving right by, I had to stop!

I kept going and visited the mall where I used to have my booth. I pulled in the parking lot around 3:00-ish and there were only 4 cars (workers cars) in the whole lot!! I thought maybe they were closed for something special or a power outage, or something, but their OPEN sign was on, so I went in.

As I was walking in, I recognized a couple of dealers who pulled up to park. It was really weird how quiet it was! I only saw two workers the whole time I was there, one behind the counter, and one who was walking the floor. I pretty much had the whole place to myself for at least 20-30 minutes. Then a few people came in, and by the time I left there were 8 cars in the parking lot.

It used to be my favorite mall in the area because it had tons of character and variety with great displays, and great treasures at great prices. Now, not so much. Most of my favorite dealers have left, and what's left is the same stuff, repeated in booth after booth. I lost count of how many booths are filled with industrial, shabby, french country-type stuff. Most of it doesn't even look old-just new stuff made to look old! I miss all the vintage and mid-century dealers that were there when it first opened. The stuff that's in there now, is not my taste, so when I have free time to hunt for treasures, I don't plan to use my valuable time to go there, I'll be heading to places that I know will have what I'm looking for, or at least the potential to have things like that. I wonder if there are any others who feel the same? Or, could I be the only one?!?

There's another place not too far away, and I've only ever found something to buy once or twice in all the years that it's been open, I keep stopping... hoping, but no luck there either. They too seem to have a lot of the same things. Not so much industrial things, just common stuff that you see in every mall.

When I got home I still had some time on my hands, so I did a couple of searches to see if there was going to be anything interesting for today. I found an ad for the outdoor Flea Market at Collette's. I've been to the indoor flea market several times, but never the outdoor one. So Mr and I headed out on an adventure this morning-starting at Collette's.

Fortunately, for us, I know how to get there because my GPS screen went white and stopped directing us. It did this right after our trip east, but after plugging it in to my laptop and updating it, it has worked fine. I could have it search for and find points of interest, but it couldn't direct me to them. I could push the button to go home, but it couldn't process the request and actually direct me to home-or anywhere for that matter.

The flea market was fun to visit, I'd say there were maybe 25 dealers set up (not the 70 dealers that the CL ad boasted). It was a gorgeous day to be out and we got there pretty early and we were pleasantly surprised that the mall was open that early too. I've seen some of my favorite sellers move on from that mall as well, but they seem to keep a pretty good variety of things throughout all of the booths so it is never the same old same old when you go in, Sure, there are some booths that have the same stuff month after month-you have that in any reselling place, but there are enough booths that keep things fresh and stocked with new stuff that it truly is a treasure hunt-one that I look forward to everytime I visit!

If this had been my first time visiting, I think it might have been my last. The cashier was so not friendly! She even asked me if I wanted my bowl wrapped...uh...yes please! who wouldn't want it wrapped? She loosely wadded a piece of newspaper around most of the bowl and dumped it inside of the the hatbox I bought-none to carefully either!

Since  I'm somewhat of a "regular", I know that their other cashiers are not like this. Usually, they are very friendly, and even chat with me as they total up my purchases, taking care to treat my treasures carefully and gently. I'm sorry she wasn't happy to be there or doing what she was doing at that particular time...I hope it was just a one-time thing, and not the new normal for them.

Mr wanted to find a coin shop, so we ended up old downtown Davison. What a sleepy,quaint, charming, lovely place!! I walked a couple of blocks to a jewelry/antique shop while he browsed for coins. The two ladies in the shop I went to were so friendly, it felt like I knew them before I met them!

Once we were on the road again, I decided to stop at another little place that I've visited a few times. I pulled in the parking lot, asked Mr the usual, "are you coming or staying?" and opened my door to get out. He said he was staying...and asked if I was really planning to hunt for treasures in a roofing place!!! OOPS!!! I didn't read the signs that were ALL OVER, I just saw the building, recognized it and pulled in. Embarrassment quickly turned to bummed out, that another shop is now gone-one less place to hunt for treasures!!

We did manage to find a few other places to stop and then an early lunch at Starlight Coney Island. They were PAACKED! It was a new to us place, and we weren't disappointed. Even though they were super busy, the food was fresh, fast, hot and very good!! The server was very attentive, even though she had several tables. I would most definitely go back.

While we were eating, there was a guy standing in the parking of a gas station next door. He had long, curly-ish hair and his beard was just as long. He was just standing in one spot, seeming to be arguing with himself. He was talking, pointing and gesturing with his hand, like he was talking to someone, but no one was around. He was there the whole time we were at the restaurant and still there after we went down the road to another little shop, then came back to head home. No one seemed concerned, it didn't seem angry, he didn't seem to have any weapons. He just stood there talking away. I wondered if we should call the police to try to get him some help. I also wondered if he could have been a pastor, practicing his sermon-hoping a passerby would ask questions...he seemed peaceful, not angry. I'm sure the gas station attendant saw him, and if they were worried, I'm sure they would have called for help-right!?!? What would you have done??

We're  home now, despite a non-working GPS, enjoying a lovely breeze through the windows in our sun room. Even though some not so great things happened along the way, it turned out to be a great day overall.

Here are my finds for the past couple of days and fun things that I saw along the way...

This came in the mail. It was an online purchase that was cheap enough it could have been and ITW piece-YAY!!

Got this for an upcoming shower I'm helping with. They want to do games, so here are some ideas!

I saw these and I'm wondering if my idea of making one like this but 4+ feet tall with a piece of a license plate for each county (83 counties in the whole state) is too over the top...should I downsize and go with something smaller like this?? I like the big pieces of the plates, but it seems too small.

I love these mirror and chalkboards.

This little table is so sweet! Too bad I don't know anyone with littles who could enjoy this!

These! Brought me right back to my grandparents vacation home on the St. Mary's River in Detour, Mi.. Oh how I wish for one more look at all the vintage lovelys that got sold with that place!!! I still remember the pink kitchen sinks and the turquoise tub, toilet and bathroom sink, and all of the funky retro dishes and kitchenware my grandma had in there.

I had to snap a pic of these for my friend Suzy ;)

Clever idea...buttons!!

Not yardsticks, just colored wood strips.

I fell in love with this too!

These were pretty cool to see all hung out like this.

1950's kiddie shopping cart.

Here's the menu from the diner-it even looks fun!

Looking forward to trying a coney next time!

 Stopped at this little shop. The sign said "OPEN", but the door was locked. As I started to walk away, a gentleman opened the door and said c'mon in, we just keep the door locked until someone comes up because they recently got robbed. He was super friendly, and made suggestions of other shops for me to visit when he found out he didn't have what I was looking for. I have to admit, the comment about being recently robbed and keeping the door locked didn't spark an interest of spending a lot of time there. Good thing it's a super small shop! I'd go back again, just because the guy was really nice.

I finally found my hanky box!! Almost a garage sale price too!!

I got these at Collette's...see why I was not happy with the "do you want it wrapped?" question? It's not every day you find these, especially at good prices! My first delphite-YAY!!

This is the vintage hatbox. It has a small crack in the top. It was cheap enough that I can overlook the crack. No, I'm not starting a hat collection...I was thinking vintage and then at Christmas time, take the lid off and display them! I hope it turns out like I have pictured in my head!!

First attempt at rock painting...not the greatest, but could have been worse. I think it will look great in my flower bed. Looking forward to painting more of the U.P. rocks as soon as I can find something that I can paint a thinner line with!
 I picked these up for another project that I have in mind...I'll need to stay home once in a while to do some of these projects! ;)

The next two Fridays are treasure hunting Fridays...I'm sure there will be more adventures to share! Hope you have a great finish to your weekend!!! BTW--my youngest is passing along his GPS so I won't have to buy a new one-YAY!!! Do I just have bad luck, or do I burn them out by using them so much?? This is the 4th one now that's died on me...over several years, but still...


  1. Thanks for the photo of the Green M&M lady items - made me smile :)

  2. Wow what an adventure! I would love to go along with you! Thanks for the app! I love going to antique shops and am currently searching for more handkerchiefs and dresser scarfs.

  3. Thanks for taking us along with you again! Love the story (sad) about pulling into a store lot after it has changed businesses. That has happened to me a few times. More & more special stores have closed for good here too. Good luck Friday.

  4. Love that Snowflake Space Saver! It's in perfect condition!