Thursday, August 27, 2015

Lids, Lids, and MORE Lids!

Normally I work on Thursdays, and have Fridays off, but this week, it's my turn to work Friday and have Thursday off. So I had every intention of sleeping in this morning, and I was doing a pretty good job of it...when I jumped out of my skin to super loud music! At first, I was so sound asleep, that I couldn't figure out where it was coming from. Soon, though, I figured it out...Mr got up before his alarm and forgot to turn it off! UGH!!! 5:30 is WAYYYY to early to wake up on your day off!!!

By the time I figured out where the offensive noise was that was interrupting my sleep, and turned it off, I was too wide awake to fall back asleep!! So, I popped open my Yard Sale Treasure Map App, to see if there were any sales nearby that looked like they might have something fun. I found three that looked promising, and figured I'd wing it too. So after a quick shower, I was out the door, headed toward White Lake. I hit a bunch of sales in White Lake, Got a perfect cherry limeade at Sonic, and then hit a couple of sales in Springfield Township before finishing up at a couple antique shops in Holly.

It was a quick trip, and it was so much fun to be out early on a Thursday treasure hunting!! I couldn't believe how busy downtown Holly was today! I really had to hunt for a parking spot. Even the parking lots were full on both sides of the shops downtown! I asked the worker in Main Street Antiques if there was something going on today for so many people to be out. He said he didn't know of anything, just that Holly is a happening place! :)

One of about a dozen big sales today! At the end of the fence there was a very big garage filled with tables and vintage and antique treasures.Nothing I couldn't live without though.

Upstairs at Main Street Antiques in Holly...PYREX!!! If you need a Pyrex fix, head to Holly, there is a lot for sale all in one place!

Do you collect divided dishes? I'm not really a fan. I love the colors and designs, but the divided dish just doesn't do anything for me. So far I only have 1 and I'm willing to trade it.

I'd love to take the tan rainbow strip 403 home, but it was DWD.

Look at the floors and the ceiling!!!

A quick stop at Culver's for lunch...makes me wonder who it was that thought this was perfectly acceptable...reminds me of the old 80s commercial---"Where's the beef?" At least Sonic got my limeade right this morning, so I had that all morning to sip while I hunted for treasures!

 Super cheap filler bulbs for my glass jars and a hanky.

Fire King Tulips!!

First Shenandoah Pyrex...not sure if I'll keep it or trade it, It was a good garage sale find.

Somebody I know collects blue plates for their garden...and has a son who lives in Florida...hmmm

Cream soup bowl for $4.50?? In an antique mall??? Yes! I know there's a boo boo on the edge, but once it's in a stack, no one sees it!

Pyrex 022? Didn't know it existed. It's not very old, it looks like they made them in the early 80's, but when you see it at a garage sale, and it's something you've never seen before and it is cheap, you can't leave it behind to research it and come back later.

Now I just need the big horizon fridgie and another one is done!

See? Can't tell anything is wrong with the green one!

What about the LIDS???

It seems that almost every sale I visited today was selling Pyrex lids! The most expensive lid was 75 cents. I don't necessarily need lids right now, but I know that some day I will, so I'm willing to store them until then!

 I also got some cheap silverware to make a windchime!

Hope you have a great weekend!! Happy Treasure Hunting!!!

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