Sunday, September 20, 2015

A Long Weekend Full of Adventures!!!

This weekend was a long weekend for me because it's been super busy at work for our fall kick off, so after working a lot of extra hours at the beginning of the week, I ended up with Thursday off, along with my usual Friday. It's been a great weekend. Lots of treasure hunting with fun things to look at and a few new treasures that came home with me.

On Thursday I got a late start because I hung around the house until my parents (who were in town for one night on their way from the U.P. to D.C.) were ready to take off on their trip. I didn't have a big agenda or a bunch of trips mapped out. I was just happy to be out and about. I visited a couple of sales-one of them being Oakland Counties Biggest Garage Sale.

It is in Milford and at what I think is a community center or an old school. I've been to this sale many times over the years and although there is a TON of stuff(it seemed bigger than ever this year), I couldn't find much that called my name. I found a couple of severely DWD pieces of Pyrex, but at this point in my collecting (and limited space at home), I'm only buying the pieces that are on my wish list, to complete my sets.

Very few items are priced at this sale. Since it is a charity fundraiser, they expect you to name a price, and if it isn't as high as they'd like, they will counter your price. One of the other shoppers there told me she likes to look through it all but when it comes to buying, she has to think twice because she usually ends up spending more at that sale, because it's a fundraiser, than she would at any other garage sale.

I did manage to find a sweet vintage kitchen towel, or placemat, it's kind of in between sizes, so I'm not sure which it is. I was amazed at all of the stuff they had for sale-all donated stuff. I can't imagine that they could possibly sell it all in one weekend. I wonder if they store it and bring it out again and again when they have sales.

I stopped at a local SA just to search for some vintage Pyrex, but no luck. I hear of people being there at just the right time when they are bringing carts out from the back that have great Pyrex pieces in them. I usually am in and out so fast that I never see them stocking the shelves.So, this time, I decided to wander around at a much more leisurely pace, in hopes that I'd get lucky and find a wonderful piece in a restocking cart. It didn't work...I think I just looked like a lurker. I watched the staff bring out at least three full carts, but none of them had any Pyrex in them.

I also stopped at The Bird Cage Antique Mall in Howell again, and had a quick wander through. Nothing really jumped out at me other than some great vintage lawn chairs that were outside. I don't have room for them, or a need for them, but I thought they were pretty awesome looking.

On Friday, I was thinking of heading to Grand Rapids to check out some antique shops that I've never been to. I've only ever been to Grand Rapids twice in my whole life-even though I only live about 2 hours away. As I was driving, I started feeling less and less like driving, and less and less like antiquing or treasure hunting. So, when I got to Lansing, I decided to get off the expressway and use my Yard Sale Treasure Map app to see if there were any good looking sales.

I found a couple through the app, but when I used the "navigate to" part of the app, I didn't end up ever finding the sales! I did find one that seemed like it would be promising, but it was just a couple of card tables and nothing at all like the ad suggested.

I decided to head toward home and enjoy the trip back. I quickly ended up at Hobby Lobby, and spent a good chunk of time wandering up and down all of the aisles.I don't know about you, but that store is a dangerous store for me! I get so many ideas, and then I pick up supplies to make projects, but sometimes I over do it. This was one of those times. I got a lot of supplies for a lot of projects-now I just need to stay home once in a while to do those projects!!

On Saturday Auntie and I met and took off on an adventure to the Michigan Antiques Festival in Midland. We'd been watching the weather closely all week prior to the festival. It's about an hour and a half away, and that's a LOT of driving  that isn't worth it if it's pouring rain.

When we started out it was very chilly, and misty, and about half way there, we got caught in a downpour. At some points, I couldn't even see the taillights of the cars in front of us. Then it cleared up and was just cloudy and the mist would come and go.

By the time we paid our admission and parked, it was cloudy and just spitting a little mist here and there. I couldn't believe how crowded it was!! We arrived about an hour later than we usually do, so that we could avoid the predicted rain showers from earlier that morning,and I think everyone else did the same thing!!

There seemed to be several less vendors than in years past, some of my favorite dealers were missing. I don't know if it was because of the rain, or if they are doing other shows or events instead. Most notably was a Fiesta dealer who has been there every year since I started going. I've even seen him at flea markets in Florida. Maybe he is down there full time now.

The main walkways were gravel and it wasn't bad-not a lot of puddles, but the grassy areas where the booths were set up, were very soggy! They put down straw in an effort to cover over the sogginess, but I know I got wet squishy feet a couple of times stepping onto the straw thinking it would be dry, and sinking into the puddle they covered up.

I met up with my friend Marie again and it was so nice!! I met her through my blog and we try to catch up to each other when we are both at Midland. I feel bad because I really bragged on one of the food vendors to her, all about how great his subs were, and how we were excited to see his food truck there again. Then we ordered our food from him and it was awful!! Sorry Marie!!

We had first tried his subs at Davisburg, and were very pleasantly surprised at how good they were. Then we found him last September at Midland and thoroughly enjoyed our subs that time as well. This year...the bun was stale and they weren't toasting subs this weekend -which must have been what made all the difference in the world-because this time...yuck!

It's sad because the guy is a really nice guy that we looked forward to buying food from him. Now, we are looking for a new favorite. Two young girls sat next to us on a picnic table while we ate, and I had such food envy over their lunches!! One had a giant elephant ear, and the other had a little dish of deep fried oreos!! I so wish I would have gotten that instead!!

By the time I got home, I was pretty tired and not looking forward to playing volleyball in a couple of hours. Since I run the volleyball program at my church, I have to be there, but decided I wasn't going to play if we had enough people. I'd just sit and watch. I did wear my vball clothes though, just in case they needed another person just to be able to play.

 It's a drop in or pick-up program for the fall that is open to the community. Last week was the first week and we had 6 new people! This week, we had 6 more new people!! Since it is drop in, people come at all times during the 2 hour time span, so we started off light on people and I had to play. I am so glad that I did!! It was super fun to play with people who are there because they love the game. They aren't worried about always getting the perfect set, or perfect pass from the back row. They compensate and we are all able to still have a lot of fun and play very competitive games.

It is so much fun for me to watch the camaraderie that develops at these drop in games. We've met a lot of people from all walks of life over the 13 years that I've run the league and drop ins, and I have to say, the coed drop-in time is my favorite as opposed to the coed league.  People who come to drop in are willing to play with whomever shows up and they enjoy themselves while they play and get to know each other.

It's funny to think that volleyball could be a ministry of a church, but is really has been. It's been a huge blessing to me to be involved in it and to become a part of so many people's lives. When you are new to a big church, sometimes sports can be just the right place to start out. you can get to know a few people and then when you walk down the halls on a busy Sunday or Wednesday, you can run into a familiar face, and then that leads to people trying out a class or Bible study and then really plugging in to the church.

So, today, after church, Auntie and I met once again for another adventure. It seems like we should be too tired from yesterday's adventure, but it's the end of the summer, and the end of the fleas and festivals, so we have to visit them while they are around. It's going to be a long, cold winter with not many adventures, so we're soaking them up while we can. Plus, someone in my house is very convinced that the world is coming to an end soon-very soon. At first he was predicting between September 23 and 24, now he's sure it will happen between the 23rd and 30th, so we have to get all of the treasure hunting in that we can before then-right?!?  ;)  (kidding)

I know I'm making light of it, and it may be offensive to some who read this. I apologize for offending, if I have. It's just my way of making light of a situation that has been very serious and very troubling around our house for the past month and a half. I don't believe as he does, I believe the scripture in the Bible that says, no one, not even the son of God knows the day or the hour...and I'm trusting God and holding Him to His word that says, He will never leave us or forsake us, I'm not letting fear overtake me.

The media has a way of sensationalizing things and it causes a lot of fear in some people, and those of us who are not gripped by fear, need to remember grace (I'm preaching to myself-I need to remind myself of this every day-sometimes hourly) and love when dealing with people who are overcome with fear. So, I'm am enthusiastically and wholeheartedly looking forward to October 1st so life can get back to normal around here!!!

I'm looking forward to Davisburg in a couple of weeks-are you going?? Then the next on my list is an event that is new to me, but has been around for a long time (ten years, I think) The Depression Glass Show November 7 & 8. A dealer friend of mine has said there is going to be a huge Pyrex display this year!

I'll be sure to take you along to those two last events of the year and share my adventure and pictures!! I hope you are having a great weekend-it's a beautiful day here in Michigan-much better than yesterday!!

Here are some pics of the past four days of treasure hunting...

This was a local garage sale...can you see the mannequin between the two red canopies?

This was the community center sale entrance

See the sad pieces of DWD Pyrex??


I thought some of my Pyrex friends would love this cabinet!! Only $75!

These are the super awesome chairs for sale at the Birdcage Antiques

I think I love old ladders almost as much as cabinets!

This was my only purchase from the community's kind of in between the size of a dish towel and a placemat.

Have you seen these for Mason/Ball jars to turn them into drinking jars??

While sitting in construction traffic on Friday in Lansing, I saw this restaurant sign and thought of my friend Bonnie.

Saw this sign at Hobby Lobby...have you ever filled a shoebox with your kids at Christmas time?? It's a fun family project that helps kids in lesser developed countries.

I saw this metal sheet at Hobby Lobby...I wonder if it would hold up as a backsplash?!?

On my way home, I saw signs for about a mile for a garage sale...I finally followed the signs and the Christmas tablecloth and Pyrex casserole were waiting at the end of the trail--$1 each!!

I bought this at Hobby Lobby-scrapbook paper sheets...

I planned to cover this very thick cardboard sign with the scrapbook didn't work out as well as it did in my mind!

This was our first sight at the Michigan Antiques Festival...

I love cabinets...did I tell you that before? LOL!

This was a piece of glass in the window frame, just lace...I loved it!!

This looked to be a poster, maybe Mod Podged on the table...I really liked this too!

I felt so bad for the dealers who had to deal with the rain! Even some of the buildings had puddles in  them, so those dealers still had to deal with the weather!

Auntie ended up bringing this vintage goodie home with her!

This was not one of the buildings that had puddles...

There were two of these amazing cabinets...if   only   I    had     a     bigger     house!!!

Fun things to do with old silverware!

I still love the vintage laundry carts!

 LOOK at this adorable vintage telephone bench!!!!

This is what my cart looked like as we were heading to the car

Finally, as we were leaving, the blue skies started peeking through

Cider slush=YUM!!

Got a great deal on this SS

I had to look at the price tag a few times...$ has a repaired chip on the spout.

You can't even see the chip/crack when it is on my shelf...I don't think you could buy the lid alone for $8.

This little beauty is awesome, and is already nestled in my cabinet...I've    got    to    stop!

A yellow plate...soon to be on my project. I bought poster board at HL to help make it.

Mega Mall's flea market today. Lots to see! Fun atmosphere!! I saw at least 3/4 of the shoppers singing, humming or even dancing to the D.J.'s tunes!

Pyrex LOVE!!!

Those 043's on the top shelf looked so huge to me that I thought that I'd never seen them before...when I got home, I realized I have 3 in my cabinet...mine just didn't look as big as those did!

Inside the mall...these were still there...Brings back lots of memories from my early days working as a hostess at Red Lobster-when these glasses were a give away when you bought the drink.

So many sales, in so many booths at Mega Mall today!!!

I LOVE this booth at Mega Mall!! I've bought many things here.

This booth had 40% off and some bowls that I think someone I know might be interested in...

Suit butler painted Sparty Green!

 I really liked this but the color of the frame wouldn't go in my house. It was only $24.95 then 20% off!!

This was at LAO, a little side stop on the way home from Mega Mall. I was so tickled by this little sign...but when I opened the drawers, it almost felt wrong to be going through the contents! Everything was for sale, but it was all stuff you might find in someone's dresser so it felt a little awkward.

I wonder if I could redo my kitchen in a hodge podge of old cabinets??

These are my finds from the Mega Mall Flea

This is my find from my friend Jennifer's booth at LAO...a glass syringe for my nurse...he didn't like it nearly as much as I fact, I think he's wondering why I bought it...who wants to collect their work things-right???

This little Fiesta cutie came through the mail this week!

It was a fun weekend with LOTS of things to see, and with LOTS of walking!!! Take a minute to click the link above and visit Auntie's blog, so you can see her take on the last couple of days...even though we are in the same place at the same time, we both see things differently!!

Hope you had a great weekend!!! I'm looking forward to Davisburg in October and the Depression Glass Show in November!!

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