Saturday, September 12, 2015

A New to Me Market in Michigan

For a few years, I've been seeing advertisements, and hearing from fellow treasure hunters about the Utica Antiques Market (in Michigan), and I've heard mixed reviews. Some say it's a good one, and some say the prices are very high. I skipped it the past few years because of the mixed reviews, and because it is quite a long trip from my house.

I decided a couple of weeks ago to give it a try this weekend. I had free time, a tank of gas and was looking forward to trying something new and going on a treasure hunt. Mr. went with me and we left bright and early. It was really quiet on the roads when we fist took off. The sky was gorgeous!

My GPS, had a mind of its own and it took us about 20 miles north, then east several miles, then 24 miles south, when we could have just stayed on one road and gone all the way east and just a little jog north! It all worked out, and it only added about 15 minutes onto our travel time, but it felt like FOREVER!!!

I wanted to get there early because I was imagining it being like the Midland Antiques Festival with long lines to pay and get in. This was much, much smaller. I'd say maybe 50 vendors-it's hard to know for sure-some looked like one vendor under a tent, and others looked like maybe 6 vendors were under a tent. There wasn't a line at any time to get in. Cars just slowly trickled in.

Admission was $5 per person, only $1 less than Midland where there are over 1000 vendors, but the drive was almost as long as a trip to Midland. I did notice some sky high prices, but I also noticed some super low prices with signs saying "make offers-trying to reduce inventory". So, like most places, prices were all over and you could find some good deals if you looked hard enough.

There were a lot of jewelry dealers, a lot of industrial dealers and a lot of depression glass dealers. Not very many Pyrex dealers, and those that were there, were wanting more than I was willing to pay. There were a lot of hankies and damask type linens and one dealer selling mums, asters and really fun yard art.

With it being so small. we were done super fast. I finished up my route at the mums, asters and yard art booth. I got a great deal 4/$20 on the flowers. I've seen the same size pots for sale near my house for $16-$20 each. I really wanted to buy one of his lawn spiders. The spiders themselves weren't bad price wise, they were $28, but the glass balls were around $40. The dealer was super friendly, and it was a good note to end our trip on!

I met a few super friendly jewelry dealers under the pavilion, and if all of the dealers had been that friendly, I think most of the dealers were friendly, even though they were freezing! I did meet one dealer who was kind of snarky, in a similar way as the guy on the yard sale trail. I didn't care for his attitude, so I put down the item I was asking about and walked on.

I found a little box of interesting looking metal flowers at one booth, that I have no idea what they could have been to, but I liked them, and I liked the idea of incorporating them into some sort of project. As I was sorting through the box (it was about 10" wide by about 5-6" tall), a woman walked behind me really close, looking over my shoulder. I was putting the ones that I was getting on the table right in front of me to the right of the box.

She walked up and reached into the box and asked me how much they were. I was surprised she's reach right into my space (my whole body blocked the little box, yet she still managed to push herself in without bumping me) and reach into what I was touching. Have you ever had that happen to you? It feels wrong to me. I would never do that so I guess I expect others to not do that to me. She snatched up 4 of the good ones that were left and I was left with some damaged ones to finish picking through.

She hurried up and paid and took off. I was behind her for the rest of the time I was at the market, and I was just shaking my head. I guess all's fair in treasure hunting, and I guess she really needed those flowers more than I did! They weren't expensive, 12/$5...or 50 cents each. I guess what stinks the most about it, was that I was the only one around that tent (for a good amount of time, and there weren't many people even in that whole section) until she swooped in. Had it been more crowded, I would have had my guard up. Live and learn-right?!?

Once we left the market, we headed to Romeo for a quick visit to Kane's Townhall Antiques. It's been a super long time since we've visited this shop, just because it is so far away. There was another shop across the street, but it wasn't open, so we couldn't check it out. Kane's was a fun visit with lots of things to see. Sadly, I didn't find anything that I couldn't live without. Since my wish list is getting smaller, I am going longer without purchasing things!

As we got closer to home, the weather got worse. It started off very chilly, but the sun was peeking out. Now it is misty, rainy and still very chilly. We came home to both guys cleaning up the house. It's nice to have a gf in the picture!! They spend a lot of time making food together, which means I don't have to cook as much, and he's still in the- got to impress her stage- so he goes above and beyond to make everything look just-so. Had she not been on her way over, we would have come home to a sink full of dirty dishes, and their laundry or other things either in the laundry room in piles or scattered around the house. I'm liking this phase-I hope it lasts!!

Here are some pics of our adventure today...

As you enter the market, you have to drive through the market to get to the parking. I've never been to a market like this-usually you park then go to the market. It definitely makes pay attention when driving in so you don't run someone who isn't paying attention over!

Under this pavilion there were 6-8 dealers, and three of them were vintage jewelry dealers. They were super friendly and super helpful trying to help me find a white and yellow enamel daisy pin-but no luck-the hunt continues!

I love this cabinet!!

I love the color and the shape of this, but couldn't come up with a use for it, so it stayed there.

This welcoming site was right at the entrance!

I saw the Pyrex and couldn't get over there fast enough. Unfortunately, the prices were higher than I pay, and they didn't have anything that I don't already have.

Look at the different colors on the shelves!!! Fiesta colors!!

I don't know if the guy in the long coat was a shopper or a dealer. I overheard him talking to the other guy saying the coat he was wearing was a very old bearskin coat.

I'm pretty sure I've seen this cart at other markets. I love it,and if I could bring myself to cutting and sewing one of my old tablecloths, I would do this in a heartbeat!!! I can't bring myself to cut or sew on any of them though! I'd also be worried that someone might steal my license plate...I'd probably use zip ties under the twine!

Even from a distance, I can find awesome cabinets!! I just wish I could take them all home with me!!

This is a great idea if you don't like the plastic letters. They were slices from wooden letter blocks with magnets glued to the back.

Of course, I drooled over all of these cabinets. Mr told me they all were pine and weren't old. I still loved them!!

These little lawn spiders are so much fun!! I loved the green and blue ball in the upper left corner.

This was what my cart looked like on the way to the car. Yep...purple! Surprise-right?!?

Kane's Townhall Antiques...

I love old gas pumps!!

 A really neat candy counter

These are the things that came home with me.

We ended the day with the start up of one of our volleyball programs. We had lots of new faces and fun and competitive games-it was a great way to end our day.


  1. A fun day! Looks like a nice little flea market -- maybe just not worth the long drive to get there.

  2. ugh, I woulda confronted that lady...said "Excuuuuuse me....ever heard of personal space?"