Saturday, October 31, 2015

A Little Halloween Prank

We love to laugh in our house, and we love jokes and pranks. So, when a friend of mine posted this prank on his facebook page, I couldn't wait to try it out! It had a link to the picture, so all of the hard work was already done.

We have a laminator at work, so it was super easy to print out the picture and laminate it so it wouldn't run once it hit the water. I didn't have any big glass jars, so it was a good excuse to buy the gallon Mason jar that I've been wishing for, for a while now.

Start with the picture...this one was free for the grabbing online, and the best part--all the work was done!

Get a gallon sized jar

 Add a little food coloring for the pickled look

Slide the picture down the inside of the jar, and set it in the fridge to wait for an unsuspecting victim

It didn't scare anyone! That's what I get for living with pranksters!

On Friday, my youngest and I had to go on a trip to find him some jeans. It's hard to find 36 length pants to fit his 6'5 frame, Sometimes we have to take a long trip to find them, if our local stores don't have any in stock. We ended up in Flint, and I'm happy to say, we were successful!! We also made a couple of side trips to check out a couple places for some treasure hunting!!

Oh, my!!! I absolutely LOVE these cabinets!!! I would trade out my buffet in my dining room in a heartbeat for these!!!

I was surprised to see how much Collette's has changed since I've been there last. A lot of my favorite dealers are gone, and there seems to be a lot more flea market type dealers and crafty dealers.

Genevieve's is always a good place to stop. Even though it is small, it usually has plenty to see.

We also stopped at a little place in Linden. It was suggested by a friend who recently hired the owner to do an estate sale. It was called Memories and More. It was very tiny, and even with the two story barn behind the shop, it didn't end up being my kind of shop. I'm glad to have checked it out though, and the guy working was really friendly. If it was a little bigger and had more of my type of stuff, I'd definitely go back when I'm in the area.

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  1. LOL how CREEEEPY looking. I would have been passed out on the floor