Thursday, November 5, 2015

Fun Little Trip to Maumee

Since I have to work tomorrow, my usual day off, I got today off instead. What awesome weather we had!!! It was fun to treasure hunt together again-it's been a month since we've gone anywhere together. We're going on another adventure on Saturday when we go to the Michigan Depression Glass Show.

We visited the Maumee Antique Mall and Great Finds Antiques (also in Maumee) today. Here are some pics of what I saw today...

This was super huge-about 2 feet tall!

Too expensive for me...but oh, how I drooled over it!

What is it? I got distracted and didn't ever get over to read the sign-LOL

What a great idea for a cutter quilt!!

My mom had a few of these when I was growing up.

That blue guy is pretty creepy

LOOK at this lunch box!!! How cute!?!?  Is it $90 cute though??

This is a kitschy napkin holder that Auntie bought...someone put a lot of work into it!

For lunch we went to Five Guys---YUM!!!!

Back to Michigan!!

After I dropped Auntie off at her car, I saw a garage sale sign pointing to a house that used to belong to a great aunt on my mom's side of the family. I went to a sale there a few years back, but thought they'd sold the house when she went into assisted living after breaking her hip. I was very pleasantly surprised to see all kinds of vintage stuff in the driveway as I walked up. Even more surprised to see her daughters running the sale!

I picked up the picnic tin set-in the original box (just like the one I saw in Maumee), the thermos, some vintage pillowcases, a little plastic bowl, a plate to plant in my flowerbed, a beer box, and a couple of hot pads. The other things are things I picked up at the two antique malls.  The butterfly quilt came from online-less than $15 for some seriously long hours of work!

It's kind of silly to buy an empty box...but the beer box reminds me of my childhood. When I was a kid, my mom got two beer boxes and painted them shiny black and then she painted my name in big pink letters on the top.It became my "suitcase" for camping. I packed my clothes in it and it fit in the camper quite nicely. I didn't even know it was a beer box until I was older. I just assumed everyone had that type of "suitcase". So, for $3, I got a piece of my childhood.

Look at this tablecloth!!! How FUN!!! It's already on my table!

I found this online earlier this week. I've been looking for years for this! It is a metal 12 days of christmas wreath that comes with mini plates depicting the 12 days of Christmas. I don't want the little plates, because I want to use the wreath for my Fiesta ornaments. I can't wait to hang it!!!


  1. I love unexpected garage sales, especially ones filled with good vintage junk! Sounds like you had a great day :-)


  2. Those chrome table and chairs must have been prices very high? because I have never seen 3 sets sitting together, they sell fast here.
    So nice to happen upon the vintage yard sale and get those goodies

  3. We had beer boxes for our camping 'luggage' too -- it must have been a midwest thing. I bought one at a yard sale a couple of years ago, as well, because it reminded me of my childhood. We're all so nostalgic!

  4. I have to tell you a story about our beer boxes. I think it was my aunt who got some of these boxes for my mom, but ours were inside out (the writing was on the inside). Mom mom gave my sister and I one of these. She filled it with things that would keep us busy. I imagine there was paper, pencils, coloring books, books and other stuff. We called it our work boxes. I had to have been around 5 or 6 (over 50 years ago!!!). I remember putting stuff in there and walking around the block to my friend's house. I remember it being so heavy, but I was so proud of it that I took it with me. Fond memory!