Friday, March 24, 2017

Two More Weeks in Pictures

Today is a great day! Kind of cloudy, but it's not raining...Or snowing! It's actually almost 70 degrees! A great day to be out and about!

My youngest and I headed out to an estate she in Commerce. The only reason I went was they advertised a Fiesta relish tray. Of course, we were to late!

We stopped at a couple other places along the way though.

Here is a glimpse of the last 12 days...

These are the color swatches for the dresses my mom and I need for my oldest's wedding. My color is plum, mom's is Iris. I've been looking for months and cannot find a dress that I like. I've only got  a little over five months left, and I'm getting nervous!!

 This was what we woke up to last Saturday... And today is almost 70... That's Michigan for you!

This was on my screen at work... The IT guy shrugged his shoulders and left it, so I held my breath as I shut it down and restarted... Thankfully it's fine, but it was scary for a while!

We finally get Cardinals at the feeder and my good camera is still in Florida with my parents!

The icicles camouflage the scrape the garage door made when I didn't pull in far enough and someone shut the door.

Enjoying God's beauty!

Mr decided that we have too much junk, so we took a tour through the house and barn to see what we could get rid of. That's when we happened upon this in our youngest son's room. 

No more scorpions, but now he has fish, 2 chicks and 2 turkeys named Thanksgiving & Christmas!

I came across these in timehop. I can't believe how dark she was or how tiny she was!

This is what I saw when I left bright and early to meet Auntie last Saturday for the Monroe flea. We even turned around once because the roads were so bad, but we decided to keep trying til Ann Arbor, and if they hadn't gotten better we were going to go home and skip the show.

I was disappointed. There was A LOT less vintage and antique this year. 

We stopped at Swan Creek Candle in Dundee on the was home and I got uncut feed sacks!!

We go all out for birthdays at work. A couple of us did this for our newest staff member for her birthday.

A friend sent me this pic. I love this sign!! It's at a new to me shop that I plan to check out very soon!!

After work Thursday, my youngest and I went to our brand new Rural King store. He looked like he'd died and went to heaven!!  He grinned ear to ear the whole time we were there!!

Yes, he got six more chicks! I'm not mad, I love fresh eggs, and they are a ton of fun to watch!

This was

Three were at the first estate sale. Everything was $5 or less!

These were at a local party store/deli where we stopped to get their famous breakfast pizza...Unbaked, to pop in the oven tomorrow morning when our oldest pops in with his fiance. They have a couples shower to attend and then they'll be back to stay the night. Happy Mom!!!!

More estate sale finds

These were Florida find that came home with my parents

The orange one looks right at home with the blue one that I've had for a while.

March 24 - 68 degrees!

I'll be visiting Williamston Antiques tomorrow for their spring open house, and counting down the days til d

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