Sunday, April 9, 2017

Squeezing in Some Between Life's Crazy Moments!

Lately my life has been filled with life. Life that includes work, family, home, volleyball, friends, a trip to Florida, pets, and just every day mundane kind of stuff. Thank you all for the comments and emails letting me know you've missed my posts!! I love to hear from my blog friends, and I miss chronicling my adventures.

I am glad it's spring and sun is making more of an appearance. This winter has been a really long, tough winter. Usually starting in November, a dark, dreary pall seems to settle around our house and it steadily gets worse until the end of February, beginning of March when it hits rock bottom, then mid-March to the beginnig of April, when the weather changes, the darkness starts to lift. I think we are in the lifting phase. It almost feels like it is ok to breathe again.

It seems the past few months have been consumed with just surviving, and self-preservation. I am so ready for some new adventures! I am ready for blue skies, the wind in my hair, and some driveway shopping!

I've been to a few of my favorite places this winter, and a few new ones, as I've show in my posts. I'm very excited to be going on a new adventure in just a couple of days. It will be out of the country, but only about 4 hours from home-by car! I'm heading to Niagara Falls Ontario! I'll be doing some of the touristy stuff, as well as stopping at a few thrifts and antique shops. My plan is to go over the Rainbow Bridge into New York and then back again to head to Toronto for a day or two.

Do you have any suggestions for must see places along the way??

I'm sure I'll have lots to show you when I get home.

Last Sunday, I spent the afternoon with my youngest at his university. He was inducted into Kappa Delta Pi, an honors society for teaching students! What a proud Mama I am!! Both boys honored for their grades-how cool is that!?!?

On Friday, I had a date with my soon to be DIL and her mother for lunch and a pedi. It was a nice day for a girl's day out. I left home  acouple of hours early so I could stop at a few of my favorite places. As I was looking up the address for the Swan Creek Candle Outlet in Perry (they have an antique shop in the upstairs area that I've found some great treasures at), I was disappointed to see a note on their website thanking their patrons for 15 years of service-they were CLOSED!! What a bummer!!!

I kept going and decided to visit The Little Red School House. There have been tons of changes in this shop since my last visit. Changes that I don't think are so great. There seems to be a lot of industrial as well as a lot of new stuff that looks old. I did manage to find a couple vintage tablecloths that I couldn't leave behind, but nothing else caught my eye, so I went right to our lunch date.

I keep forgetting my role as the MIL to friends keep telling me my job is to "shut up, show up and wear beige". Having only boys, I've always hoped I'd be a part of someday helping to plan their weddings, or at least being asked my opinion on things. Unfortunately, I'm a slow learner. I keep trying to tell myself to just smile and nod, and agree with everything, but I keep blurting out ideas! What is wrong with me!?!? Ugh! I feel I've over-stepped my bounds, especially on Friday. I didn't mean to...I just got excited and caught up in it all...I thought they were good ideas-LOL! My new mantra is going to have to be SSWB...I'll have to chant it to myself a lot over the next 4 months!!

Yesterday I did a pretty good, deep clean of the house...only to have my guys track in all kinds of mud and sawdust and wood chips from the discouraging!

I've been binge-watching some of my favorite tv shows-I LOVE Hulu!! It has current shows as well as older ones (like Netflix). My latest love is Murdoch Mysteries, and I just finished season 9 (I had to get the DVD's from the library for season 8 & 9). I hope I can find season 10 without having to buy a subscription to Acorn...otherwise, I'll have to miss out.

Mr has been busy off an on all winter with our new kitchen cabinets. The barn is filling up with them! I've been working on thining out my hoard and I'm hoping to trade some of my Pyrex extras for the last few pieces I need to finish my sets. I also hope to have a garage sale with in the next couple of months. I've even thought about listing some things on some local facebook groups, just to see what kind of response I could get that way. I might even do the local high school flea market in July again, if I still have a lot of junk when that time comes.

We still have a bunch of things in our barn that a friend stored there a couple of years ago. She has agreed for me to sell it all in a garage sale, so that will help with thining out things too.

I've also been working on plans for a trip out west this summer-another new adventure! Everything is coming to an end volleyball-wise, leagues are ending for the summer, so I'll only be busy one night a week instead of 3 soon-that will be nice to have some down time for a change!! My shoulder could use a rest, I think I've pinched a nerve and maybe pulled a muscle-it stinks to get old!!!

Here are some pics of what I've seen and done the past couple of weeks, I went to Collette's outdoor flea last Saturday, and Mr. tagged along. He put in a custom leather order with the leather artisan there, and it looks like we might be going back this Saturday to pick it up. The Saturday before, Auntie and I went to Mega Mall and Williamston for their spring open house.

This was actually wrapped separately with tule ribbon on each box individually...the boxes stayed in the back of my car a little too long and slid around too much so they all had to go in one big almost looks like I planned it this way!! These were gifts for my oldest son's bff and his fiance's shower a couple of weeks ago.

I kept spotting Pedros at Mega Mall. Some were reasonable, some were pretty high.

Lime green and tan stripe Pyrex alert-at Mega Mall in Lansing!!

I wonder if anyone will buy this...

Meet son and future DIL bought her. She was tired out after playing with our crazy crew. See the bottom edge of the entertainment console??  Our little poopers have chewed the corner right off!!! I thought I had a brilliant idea of putting their bed in the corner between the end table and the tv was out of the way, yet still part of the room...we never thought they'd do this!! I'm hoping since Mr made it, that he can fix it.

She was having a blast. The other dogs weren't so sure they wanted to hang out and share their toys though.

Just a little ways away from Collette's is the Starlight Diner. Mr and I have stopped twice now. YUM!!! Service isn't the greatest, but the food was good!

This is a lamp!

No cords!!

My flea find from Collette's first outdoor flea of the year!! I've been wanting one of these for years to put my stacks of Fiesta mixing bowls on. I was really bummed to find that two of the cross rails on the bottom shelf are no longer attached! Mr is going to try to weld them back together for me. I guess that is why it was so cheap!!

I bought this at Collette's. I can't wait to put it by my front door!

All three of these found their way into my hands while I was wandering the store, and then found their way home with me.

Another Valentine's hanky!!

 I was sending pics to my oldest son and soon to be DIL last Sunday asking if they knew where I was. He got it right away since he also went to school there.

Did I mention that we were wayyyy early...and bored...and wandering empty halls? :)

There's my boy!! So proud of him! He was diagnosed with ADD in elementary school and took meds until his high school graduation. He's been doing college drug free and he's in the top 20% of his class!!! At the same time holding down two jobs!!

Looks like some shenanagans went on while we were sleeping!

Hope you're having a great week!

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