Sunday, January 17, 2010

Dixieland Flea Market...

Today we took a trip over to Kevin's sister's house for a Sunday afternoon visit. She mentioned to me that she would be interested in visiting some antique stores with me, if I could find some out in her area. I searched and searched and seemed to only come up with places that were no longer in business, and the couple that I did find, that looked like they might still be in business, were a long way away.

We did try to go to downtown Rochester to check out a couple places, but one was closed, and one we found out from a resale store owner, was owned by the same lady who owned the closed shop, and she had consolidated the two shops into one.

We ended up going to the Dixieland Flea Market in Waterford. Kevin and I have been there a couple times before, but it has been years (our best guess is, that it's been about 7-10 years)! It was a pretty hopping place. There were lots of cars in the parking lot and lots of people roaming about inside. It is still kind of a creepy place in some areas, (at the entrance to one of the antique booths there was a taxidermy stuffed leopard that looked like it had mange because it was soo old and the fur was peeling off of the body form), and a a booth where you can buy a mouse for $3 or a rat for $6 so the owners can drop them into a glass display case holding what looked like a very hungry komodo dragon-so the purchaser can watch their mouse or rat get eaten! Ugh!

I did see lots of Fiesta and even bought a few pieces of my much loved chartreuse. I ran out of cash and now owe my sister-in-law $3-LOL! Too bad the seller didn't take credit cards...I would have probably bought a couple more pieces!

I was the big winner today-no one else bought anything!

Some shots of a January day in Michigan. We woke up to a beautiful morning with snow on all of the tree branches-what a winter wonderland!

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