Friday, January 15, 2010

Trip to Grand Ledge and Lansing area...

Two days into the new year, my work buddy and antiquing buddy Anne and I mapped out a route and headed off to Grand Ledge. We started at Lamb's Gate Antiques, and it was definitely a "keeper" on our list of favorite antique shops! They had a great variety of items, nice staff and great prices! Can't wait to take some of my other antiquing friends there!

Still regretting not getting that retro chartreuse couch from Lamb's Gate!

This place was more like a kids resale shop, with tons of toys and kids stuff, and very few antique items -that were priced pretty high.

Believe it or not, this is where we both got some good finds! I got some of my much loved chartreuse Fiesta, and Anne got a couple of older Little Golden Books.

I've been to Mega Mall a few times now, and I enjoy being able to visit so many booths in one location. Even though I didn't find any treasures this time, I will definitely come back once or twice a year.

This is one of my favorites! They have great customer appreciation days in the summer and at Christmas time. My younger son loves the Christmas spread (tons of appetizers, punch and a chocolate fountain! Plus goodies at almost every booth). They have a lot of booths, with great variety, good prices, and it is all very well organized and comfortable. The summer open house is a fun time with dealers setting up outside under a tent and free hot dogs and popcorn.

It was a fun trip! We got to see lots of interesting things. We each bought a few things. We had lunch out, and we both got to talk, listen and encourage each other in our various life issues.

The next trip is on the 30th and we are heading to the Bay City/Saginaw area. The route is already mapped out...anyone wanna join us??? There is room for 2 more!! :)


  1. Looking forward to the Bay City/Saginaw trip -- make sure your camera battery is charged & your wallet is full!

  2. You know I will!! Hopefully we can find a neat place for lunch too!