Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Treasures Antiques in Owosso...

I live in a really great area! There are lots of antique stores and malls, all within a short drive. There are so many, I wonder if I'll be able to visit them all! I sure hope to give it a good try!

Some of my favorite places to wander through are: Livingston Antiques in Howell, Williamston Antiques in (you guessed it!) Williamston, Knightsbridge Antiques in Northville, and a new favorite...Lamb's Gate Antiques in Grand Ledge. All of these places have a great variety of items, nice displays and their prices are very reasonable.

My favorite booth at Williamston

Another shot of the same booth, who's owner has
a very informative, and fun blog Mitzi's Collectibles

Williamston Antiques

I fell in love with a couch that was at Lamb's Gate, that I am regretting not getting! It was chartreuse green and kinda nubby, 50's or 60's style, in great shape-no rips, tears or stains and it was only $60!! It would have been fun in our basement family room-and who could beat that price!!

My photography skills could use some work!
This is a new "Keeper" Lamb's Gate

My youngest son likes to tag along to Williamston when they have their open houses-because they have great food-and lots of it!

Over Christmas break, suffering from cabin fever, I went on line, searched out a bunch of antique shops, planned the route with Mapquest, and took off for a fun adventure! The first trip was with my husband to the Owosso/Flint/Fenton area.

Our first stop was Treasures in Downtown Owosso. I had read about it on a blog and thought I'd like to check it out. It is part restaurant and part antiques store. You enter the same door for both. In fact, you walk past people at their tables while they are eating (kind of off to the left side) while you are browsing the antiques! I'll have to go and check it out again sometime-the prices seemed pretty reasonable, but I just didn't find anything I couldn't live without. I did pay a visit to the ladies room, and it was an eye-popping hot pink-which I thought was really fun!

This will wake you up in a hurry!

This is just a funny shot to show how close this person parked! Of all the open spots, they had to park so closely that I had to really squeeze to get back into my car!

Neat clock in downtown Owosso.

Interesting historic building-it's twin (the Woodward Furniture Company) was right next door, but it was too hard to get a shot of it because there was a lot of workers doing remodeling work.

I was hoping to see the famous Curwood Castle in Owosso, but didn't find it (didn't really look very hard either though)...that will have to be for another trip...maybe this summer! :)

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