Thursday, February 3, 2011


We went back to the booth today to finish loading in stuff and to froof it up a bit. We were only there for about 4 hours this time, and it was a LOT easier today. I think it helped that my cold is getting better and I felt about 80% better today than I did on Tuesday.

I forgot my camera in the car, so I only had my phone to take the final shots...sorry, they are kinda blurry.

This is what the border looked like before Anne painted it...
It's been fun getting it all together, pricing, soaking, ironing, packing up, loading in and froofing-but I'm REALLY glad it's done!!!

While we were there today, Anne had a few sales, I didn't have any, but was told by a fellow dealer that I had good stuff and that my prices were good-so that was encouraging!

Hopefully other people will like my stuff and my prices and hopefully they will buy some of it!!!


  1. Your booth turned out very nice and looks inviting. We love the idea for the chalkboard border. We wish we lived close by so we could look around! We wish you the best.

    Laura and Michele

  2. Its looking great, plenty to look at but not over cluttered.

  3. Kim, I think your booth looks fabulous! That's a lot of work! I will probably go to LAO tomorrow or Sunday, so I'll definitely stop by!