Friday, June 1, 2012

A Few Soggy Sales...

My options for today were...laundry-yuck!, cleaning the garage-gross!, dusting-tedious!, grocery shopping-crowded!, or treasure hunting in the rain. Guess what won?!? Yep-soggy sales in the rain. At least three of the advertised sales decided to not open. I can't say as I blame them, I probably wouldn't have opened if I was going to have a sale and it rained.

One sale was in the house in the living room and dining room-on white carpet-and she said leave your shoes on!!! She was a dealer who had just had a booth at the Allegan Antiques Market last weekend and decided since her sub was having a sub sale that she would set up in her house to see if she could get rid of some more stuff.

She said the price tags were for the market and she would do better for us who were at her house. There were two other ladies there shopping at the same time. They knew her from somewhere else, and were excited to see she was a dealer. It was a little awkward going in the house like that, but if I hadn't, I wouldn't have gotten this...

Gorgeous brightly colored vintage tablecloth!

I went to another sale in the same sub and got an ice bucket, a cobalt creamer and a mini tray all for fifty cents!!! It was supposed to be sixty cents, but her fingers were to cold to dig for change so she let me have it all for fifty. It was cold, rainy and yucky and I didn't last very long. I met Eric for lunch, went to Costco and bought the soda and bottled water for the grad party-plates, cups and flatware too, then came home, cleaned the house, cleaned the garage (with Eric's help), and cleaned my closet. I also managed to make 6 loads of laundry disappear from the laundry room. I really need to get some stuff painted for the booth, but the weather is too damp-it'll never dry.

Here are the other treasures I picked up today...

 It's hard to see, but these pillows have tiny little knots all over the flowers-I think it is called candlewicking. 

 There are 8 of these little napkin/hanky things, a crystal toothpick holder and a folding yard stick.

 Nine glass salt cellars and a quarter flower plate to plant in the flower bed.

 Twenty four vintage greeting cards-LOVE them!!!

 A set of eight glass coasters! We use the other ones we have all the time-LOVE them!!

I may not get much sleep tonight because I'm soo excited for tomorrow-- Michigan Antique & Collectibles Festival at the Midland Fairgrounds-I can't wait!!! I hope the rain holds off! My friend Auntie and I have our granny carts all ready to go!! We both are hoping to bump into and say hello to blog friends of ours while we are there. If you're going to be there, look for us-we'll have the biggest and fullest granny carts there!!!


  1. Wow! Love all your finds! That's what keeps me going to sales and thrift stores, if I don't go, I think of all that stuff I am missing! lol! I had that table cloth, it's really unique!

    1. Hi Zootsuitmama!
      I know EXACTLY what you mean about thinking about the stuff I might be missing! :)

  2. I just found your blog and I LOVE it! We have the exact same taste in secondhand shopping, and I'm originally a Michigan girl too (although I now live in Cincinnati). You've found some amazing deals lately! Does that say 10 CENTS on that tole tray?? I went to CMU and so wish I still lived up there so I could hit up the festival in Midland...Have Fun!!

    1. Hi Secondhandfancy!
      Nice to meet you!! Thanks for stopping by!YES-it does say ten cents!!! Midland was AWESOME!!! You should plan a trip sometime-you won't regret it!!!