Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Hoard Much??

Oh my gosh!! How FUNNY!!! I had some free time today, so I stopped by Pinterest to see what's new in vintage boards. I decided to search for vintage tablecloths and was tickled to see my tablecloth tower as the first picture that popped up. Then it was fun to see it pop up several more times!

When I went back to read the comments, I saw one person comments with the words, "Hoard Much?" and then the very next one said..."not hoarding, lots of memories." Those comments got me thinking...I'm not worried that someone thinks I'm a hoarder-I could care less about that. What I was thinking about was if those tablecloths could talk--what stories could they tell!?!?

Have you ever thought that about an antique or vintage item that you've bought? I don't really think like that about things I am going to sell, but the things I love and keep, I sometimes do. I wonder how many of these tablecloths have seen families gathered around them, sharing a meal and happily chattering away, enjoying each other's company...

I wonder how many of these tablecloths were tucked away in a cupboard, closet, cabinet or buffet and never used for fear of damaging them...wouldn't that be a shame?? To have something so beautiful tucked away where it can't be seen or enjoyed is sad to me.

I use my tablecloths! Yes, I have heavy, clear plastic tablecloths over them, but they get used-all the time! I also have them on display in my sun room (my favorite room of the house-the room I spend the most time in) and I see them all the time.

Every time I look at them, I remember where I got them, how much I paid (which for the most isn't more than a dollar or two-sometimes even a quarter!), and I look at their bright colors and it lightens my day, lifts my spirits and makes me smile! So I'll gladly be called a hoarder and say to those who don't get it--give it a try! Pull them out of the cupboard and USE them or display them-I'll bet you will very quickly love them too, and before you know it-they'll be sneaking into your granny cart when you go to sales!

I have sold quite a few of them from the original picture, but as you can tell, this past week, several more have followed me home. I'm sure I'll "foster" them in my vintage kitchen foster care system for a while-maybe some will be here for a long while, and I'm sure some of them will end up at the booth-so someone else can fall in love with them.


  1. NICE linen stash!!! Some many pretty ones! Sure loved seeing them! It's not "hoarding" it's "collecting"!

  2. Kim, I, too wonder where my treasure come from, and who had them prior to myself. Its nice when you can tell a story from your collections and share those memories with others. I bought a quilt once, and a hand written story was pinned to the back. That quilt took on a whole new life for me, and we treasure it always. Hoarding, I say not..Memory making, most definitely...MarieB, Windsor