Sunday, September 9, 2012

Weekend Treasures...

The past couple of weeks at work has been crazy! We've been getting ready for our fall Launch-when our Student Ministry Department kicks off for the fall. That was this morning-whew! We survived! Everything went very smoothly, we just ran over a bit on time, but that happens every year.

My friend Rivet met me at the church and we went to Greenmead together after the Launch. She is a Psychologist who works in the field of aids prevention and research. She travels a LOT for her work-all over the world, so it is really hard to catch up with her. Today was perfect! We had 3 hours together to blab and laugh and catch up!

All I picked up was a set of vintage Fiesta salt & pepper shakers, and all she got was a couple of old english D's for the Detroit Tiger's to stick to the back windows of her cars. She was knitting dishcloths in the car on the way to and from Greenmead. I showed her some Vintage crocheted hotpads, the white ones with red flowers in the middle, and she immediately fell in love! She's hoping to make some for herself.

Yesterday, I went to a couple of estate sales, Friday, I went to a couple of sales, Thursday, I went to lunch with 2 of my guys after getting off work early, and just went  home and did some work around the house, no sales on Thursday.

Last night we went to the Smokin' Jazz and BBQ Festival in Brighton. It was our first time and it was the 7th year they've had the festival. We went early, before the music officially started, but there were a few performers playing as we walked around. We tried a bacon taco-which was actually like a BLT in a hard taco shell and it was pretty good! We also got some ribs and mac & cheese which was homemade and delicious!

I LOVE BBQ! Kevin could take it or leave it. He is that way about most foods, except ice cream and sweets, though. We didn't stick around, very long, we both were tired from the day of working around the house, so we brought our food home and ate it and crashed for the night. He ended up getting called in to work around 1 am and was just getting home at 8 when I was leaving for work!

This week is starting to overwhelm me, and it just started today! The next 4 days are going to be crazy, busy and long! We have something going every night this week except Friday...I'm tired just thinking about it!

How was your weekend? Did you get out to any sales? I'll be stopping by to see what you've been up to, and drooling over your finds as soon as I'm done typing! Our sales seem to be slowing down around here, not as many in the paper, and not as much stuff as there was earlier in the summer.

I'm still hoping for a super good score, hoping and waiting!

Here is what I found this weekend...

Hope you have a GREAT week!!!

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