Saturday, September 1, 2012

Mom's Birthday Treat!

The fishing trip was my Dad's special treat (and my mom's and mine as well) for his birthday, and for my mom's birthday (which is Monday), I took her to Petoskey for a girl's day out. We hit a few antique shops, a few garage sales, had a spa pedicure, and lunch out. It was a nice day!

We found a nail place that was brand new. It was packed! They did a great job though, so we'll have to remember where they were for future "girl's days out". We had lunch at Mancino's. They make pizza and grinders. Nothing fancy, but something we both like.

On the way home, we stopped a couple of times along the way and once to visit my grandpa (mom's dad), who lives in Cheboygan in an assisted living facility. He turned 90 in May, and we have seen him really go down hill in the months since.

He totally forgot that I visited him a month ago-he was giving me a hard time for not visiting him for the past 7years. He forgot about all of the visits last summer when my grandma was sick and then passed, he forgot about last spring when I did an estate sale for them and sold the entire contents of their house and saw them every day for 4 days.

His eyesight took a drastic turn last week with the worsening of his macular degeneration, and now his hearing seems to been going fast as well. It is interesting to watch my mom be his caregiver, and seeing him revert to almost a childlike role in their relationship.

After a quick visit with grandpa and a quick trip to Walmart, we headed back over the bridge and stopped in St. Ignace at a new pizzeria called Pizza Builders. It was recommended to us by the charter captain. I have to say, it was probably the best pizza I've ever had! We got a supreme and a bbq chicken pizza and an order of breadsticks-YUM! So, if you ever find yourself in St. Ignace, and you're hungry for pizza-go to Pizza Builders! You won't regret it!!

When we got home, Dad and Lucy were visiting the house next door. He was making the weekend renters feel welcome. They came from Maryland and Pennsylvania and they brought a 1914 Model T. After we ate our pizza, the Dad drove up in the driveway and offered us a ride! How FUN!!!

Then we raced down to the lake and hopped on the pontoon boat to try to hurry out to the bay to catch the sunrise. We just missed it, but we saw the gorgeous blue moon and got a few pics of that. There won't be another one until 2015.

I love being in the U.P.-maybe some day I can move here permanently!!

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