Thursday, August 30, 2012

Fishing at the crack of dawn!

Today was the BIG day that I've been waiting for for almost a month! I got up at 4am and went with my parents to the Shepler's dock in St. Ignace for our fishing charter trip! It really wasn't "our" trip, it was my Dad's birthday trip. Thought of by my mom, booked by mom, reserved by mom, and then at the last minute one of my Dad's close friend's paid for the whole thing!!

It was beautiful to watch the sunrise over Mackinac Island, and to bob around on Lake Huron, fishing alongside the Mighty Mac bridge! The charter started at 6 and was over by 10:30-which was p l e n t y of time. The fish weren't biting as good as the day before, and as we were leaving, the wind and waves were coming up. So, now as I sit here typing this, I feel like the seat I am on is rocking like the boat did!!

My Dad let me reel in the first catch. It was about 18" and pretty light-it didn't fight at all, so I thought it got off at first. Then Mom reeled one in that was about the same size. The next one on was a big one and it was fighting, My Dad refused to reel it in, he made me do it since I've never caught a big fish before. I should have let him take it, because it got off! I did get the last one, it was also the smallest one.

The next one was his, it was the biggest one of the bunch. He had to reel it in for over 400 feet! Luckily it was only about 4 pounds, otherwise he would have been reeling for a half an hour if it were bigger!

We had 12 lines in the water the whole time we were out, but I think with the coming weather, the fish were hunkering down, or moving on.

It was a fun trip. The captain was full of very interesting history and facts-he is a life-long yooper and fisherman. He cleaned and filleted the fish for us. It was funny because as we pulled into the dock about a half dozen ducks were sitting in the water waiting for us. He said they wait every morning for him because he gives them scraps from the fillets.

We went to Bentley's Cafe in St. Ignace for lunch because we were all starving by the time we got off the boat. I had a great whitefish sandwich and enjoyed the old building and Happy Day's/old soda fountian type atmosphere. Their building is one of, if not the oldest building in St. Ignace.

It was a fun day. Not one I am likely to repeat any time soon. It was very expensive, and I'm very grateful that I was invited to come along, and very thankful for my Dad's friend who picked up the tab! Now, for a couple of days of R & R with my little Lucy and my parents!! All my guys had to work or go to school, so they had to stay home this time. It's kinda nice to only have to worry about/take care of only one person this weekend,

Here are some shots of our day...

It was VERY dark at 6am!!! 

but not for long...the sun starting to come up almost right away!

 Mom reeling in her catch of the day!

 Captain Denny helping to haul it in...

 Success! Looking forward to a yummy dinner!

 Dad getting ready to reel in the biggest catch of the day!

 He reeled and reeled and reeled-over 400 feet of line!

 A few Mackinac Island ferries went past us (really closely) on their way to the island. We got treated to the giant waves they left in their wake.

 Finally! Another successful catch!

 I've been doubly blessed this summer! I've seen the sunrise near the bridge and the sunset!

 A sea lamprey the captain caught yesterday and held for us to see today.

 Ugly thing!!!

 Waiting for their daily breakfast treat from Captain Denny.

 Mine are the two on the left.

 The Osprey-Eastern U.P. Charters.

Ready for the grill-YUM!!!

Hope you're having a great day! I'll be by your place to catch up later tonight-it's time to sample our catches!!

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